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ε½ŷĹ ģʽֻΪˮ_ƱƵ_֤ȯ֮

ԭ⣺ε½ŷĹ ģʽֻΪˮ

108Ѷ 껣BBAܲڵŷгΪйʵȫŵġͷ

ʱ108賿εڰNIO Berlin εŷ޷͡εET5ET7EL7(ΪES7)ʽơŷ֮áƻET7ֱڽ1016ڵ¹ͺ1115͵EL720231µסET520233µ׿ڲ2022ףεƻŷ޽20в2023ףַֽΪ1202025ףεйг1,000в󡲷޽

ڵ¹䣬Ҳֱӷûķʽۺͷ 硣εϴʼˡܲ͸¶ελڰֵεļҵں˸and ķ˹ص¹ص籾˹¸Ħ͸±ȳеεҲ½ɲͶʹá



ȡģʽεѸٽŷгڳڣεŷӪŶӾרעںҵ ˾ϵЧʡģʽεëˮƽ

εϊÿ ϊÿ ŷԫ1000ķŷĺķļ۸1500 ֮ 䡣 ۸ܶ ķʽ ӱͬ ݴ˲ 㣬䵥 ½ϸ ߼۸ ķij͵ ʱ׿ 綯 綯 լ լ լ 8 ŷԫ ֺ ߵɡ դˣ ͳƣ ͳƣ ۡ ߲ ҫ ã װ װ ıѩ̥ װ


εͬڲáģʽͬʱδͳģʽε 囲õҵģʽͬ˵ĶҵģʽʹʣûӵиԪij顣ڲʿʾǶĿͻǹͻͨ˵Share ��Լij˻ͨ˵Share ��Լij˻ԱʹãԻûóķãʵһѱ䡯ķӵҡ



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