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10-minute charging battery life up to 400km, State Grid accelerates Chaoji charging standard landing-IT and Transportation

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According to media reports, at the 2021 World New Energy Vehicle Conference, Xin Baoan, Chairman of State Grid Corporation of China, revealed at the 2021 World New Energy Vehicle Conference that State Grid has created and unified domestic charging facilities and charging interface standards. , To ensure the matching of vehicle pile charging and information exchange, and actively promote China’s charging and swapping standards to become the fourth largest standard together with the standards of the United States, Japan, and the European Union.


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at the same time,The State Grid also released a white paper on ultra-low conduction charging technology for electric vehicles, and jointly launched Chaoji’s new generation of high-power charging technology. In the future, it can support a maximum charging power of 900kW, and a 10-minute charging battery life of up to 400km.

“We collaborate with industry chain and supply chain partners to jointly tackle key problems, and continue to contribute to the upgrading of China and global charging standards.” Xin Baoan pointed out.

It is understood that the new generation of ChaoJi charging technology route for electric vehicles originated from the demand for high-power charging of electric vehicles, Is a complete set of DC charging system solutions for electric vehicles, which solves a series of defects and problems in existing charging systems in the world. It is carried out in terms of charging safety, charging power, structural design, forward compatibility and future-oriented applications A comprehensive improvement.

ChaoJi’s maximum charging power can reach 900kW, and it can achieve the goal of 400 kilometers charging in 5 minutes.

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At the same time, due to ChaoJi’s compact design and scalability, it can be used in small and medium power application scenarios. It not only covers the mainstream passenger car field, but also takes into account the special requirements of heavy-duty vehicles and light-duty vehicles, greatly expanding its application range.


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