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10 women who rose to top jobs in VC

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10 women who rose to top jobs in VC

On average, the proportion of women in European VCs is still less than 20 percent. We introduce you to investors who have nevertheless made it into top positions at German VCs.

HV Capital, HTGF, Earlybird Venture Capital, Cambridge University, Picus Capital, Alessandra Mazzilli, Charlotte Niklahs

Startups and venture capital are predominantly male domains. By the end of February 2023, around one billion euros had been invested in 269 startups founded or co-founded by women in Europe. Show that Data from PitchBook. That makes 24.4 percent of all deals and 19.4 percent of the total capital invested in European startups. This means that women still only have Access to around a fifth of the available capital.

And on the other side of capital – among those who manage and allocate it – things don’t look any better. A Report from the organization “European Women in Europe” came to the conclusion in 2022 that only 15 percent of all general partners at European venture capital companies Women are.

Reason enough to introduce you to the women who made it to top positions in renowned German VC firms this year:

Marie Bos, VP of ESG bei HV Capital

Marie Bos

HV Capital

As her Linkedin profile shows, Bos started at Berlin-based VC firm HV Capital in February 2023 as VP of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). There she represents HV Capital’s ESG approach “from responsible investment processes to portfolio support,” as she writes. The London King’s College alumna’s previous employers include the political consulting firm Joschka Fischer & Company.

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Zuzanna Czapinska, Investment Manager at HV Capital

Zusanna Czapinska

HV Capital

Before joining HV Capital, Czapinska worked as an investment analyst at Goldman Sachs and Blackrock, according to her Linkedin profile. Czapinska started as an investment associate at HV Capital in 2021 and was promoted to investment manager at the firm in March 2023.

Historii Bariz, Investment Manager at HTGF

Historei Bariz HTGF

Historii Bariz has been working as an investment manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) since August 2023. The HTGF was founded in 2005 by representatives of the Federal Ministry of Economics, industry and industry experts. The early-stage fund invests in young tech companies that are no older than three years. Bariz previously worked as an analyst at the consulting firm Accenture and as a consulting manager at Roland Berger.

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Natalya Baltrukovich, Investment Manager at HTGF

Natalya Baltrukovich HTGF

The former business development manager in the international department of the Italian pharmaceutical company Menariri started as an investment manager at HTGF in July 2023.

Nina Mayer, Principal bei Earlybird Venture Capital

Nina Mayer


The LMU Munich graduate has been part of the Earlybird investment team for a long time. She joined in 2019 and in January 2023 she reached the position of Principal, as she writes on her Linkedin profile. According to Earlybird’s website, their main areas of focus as a VC include fintech, legaltech and insurtech.

Marie-Thérèse Buttlar, Principal at Earlybird Venture Capital

Marie-Thérèse Buttlar


The former consultant at McKinsey joined Earlybird’s investment team in 2021. According to her profile, she was promoted to principal in October 2023. Buttlar therefore focuses on FoodTech, EdTech/HRTech and Digital Health.

Kaya Dreesbeimdiek, Investorin bei Picus Capital

So Dreesbeimdiek Cambridge University

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The former Cambridge PhD candidate joined Picus as an investor in October 2023. However, the Munich capital firm is not her first employer in the venture capital sector: in 2021 she worked at Verve in Zurich, her Linkedin profile shows. Her background includes several high-profile employers such as BCG, Celonis and BMW.

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Melanie Schwendimann, VP at Picus Capital

Melanie Schwendimann Picus Capital

In parallel to her master’s degree at the University of St. Gallen, Melanie Schwedimann worked as a project consultant at the Zurich financial service provider Six and at VC Picus Capotital. She then held various positions at McKinsey before returning to Picus in 2022. She became vice president in September 2023.

Alessandra Mazzilli, VP bei Cavalry Ventures

Alessandra Mazzilli Alessandra Mazzilli

The graduate of Bocconi University in Italy was an analyst at several Italian companies, according to Linkedin. In 2021 she joined the Berlin VC firm Cavalry Ventures – initially as an associate. In March 2023, she was promoted to her current position as Vice President.

Charlotte Niklahs, VP Venture Development bei Project A

Charlotte Niklahs

Charlotte Niklahs

Niklahs has held various positions since joining Project A in 2020. Her focus is on venture development. She was initially Head of Venture Development for two years, then promoted to Director for a year and a half and was named Vice President of Venture Development in August 2023.

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