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1024 Programmer’s Festival kicks off Cyber ​​Elephant Group’s little information Chai Qiaozi shares AI mobile game development experience_game

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Original title: 1024 Programmer’s Day kicks off, Cyber ​​Elephant Group, a little information, Chai Qiaozi shares AI mobile game development experience

On October 23, 2021, the second “Changsha·China 1024 Programmers Festival” was reopened in Changshalong, Hunan. With the theme of “Open Source and Openness, Empowerment by Arithmetic-Opening a New Era of Digital Economy”, this conference attracted top enterprises including Huawei, Tencent, Baidu, ZTE, Mango tv, Yidian Information, Fourth Paradigm, and many other top enterprises and the Internet. Technical elites and well-known scholars participate.

In the “Advanced Computing and Artificial Intelligence Technology Theme Forum” focusing on the future direction of computer technology and artificial intelligence, Chai Qiaozi, CTO of Cyber ​​Elephant Group Yidian Information, published on the spot “Try” the keynote speech, starting from the current status of artificial intelligence and the mobile game market, shared the team’s experience in the combination of mobile games and AI technology. Chaiqiaozi believes that “mobile games can be closely integrated with AI technology because of the natural adaptability of the two.”

Data intensive + closed loop + virtual scenes, mobile games are naturally adapted to AI technology

In the context of the booming global mobile game market, how game companies can generate games at a lower cost and more quickly becomes the key to victory, and the participation of artificial intelligence can empower the game industry. “The game industry itself is a complex project. From creative output and concept, to game design, team formation, and finally release and other processes, the entire life cycle, every link, has AI-enhanced trial work”, Chai Introduction of Bridge.

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It is the complexity of the game that the whole process will generate a lot of data, and each data and data process will generate decision-making opportunities. Therefore, the adjustment of different data combinations and decision-making opportunities will lead to changes in the experience of users and players, and the overall efficiency. It has a strong impact on user retention and user stickiness.

Mobile games can be closely integrated with AI technology precisely because of their natural adaptability. Chai Qiaozi pointed out, “There are three characteristics in the entire process of game completion: first, the data in the game is dense and continuous; second, the game is closed-loop; third, every scene in the game to the entire ecology is virtual. Yes, it is very conducive to the role of AI in this process. Such an environment of data intensive + closed loop + virtual scenes is particularly suitable for the integration of AI with it.”

Low-cost and high-efficiency coexist, cyber elephant will explore the direction of mobile game AI integration

“In the process of integrating AI into mobile games, there are two core goals: one is how to improve overall research and development efficiency, and the other is how to reduce research and development costs while improving efficiency.” Chai Qiaozi then shared a little information technology team Exploration and thinking in the entire process of AI-enabled game development and production.

In terms of content production, G1 modeling based on games is enhanced by AI, and AI-based technology is used to generate three-dimensional modeling, which greatly reduces the early production cycle, and at the same time, through manual operation and AI cooperation, the overall production efficiency is improved. Finally, 3D modeling is formed through plane graphics, which enhances the player’s sense of substitution, enhances the sense of participation and the playability of the game.

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According to reports, in addition to the application of AI technology in the early game construction, the Yidian Information Technology team has also adopted AI data to extract crowd style preferences and game style characteristics to quickly transfer the style of one game to the next game and help game production. . Such as the migration of expressions and actions in the game. “Through the AI ​​intelligent learning method, some standard gameplay can be precipitated as a good foundation for the next game development, improving the efficiency of the entire R&D iteration, or reducing the cost of the entire R&D.”

In terms of player interaction, AI sparring can enhance the fun and playability of the game, enhance the player’s sense of participation and integration, and even in the early days when there are not many players, AI players can warm up the field to improve the user experience; at the same time, it is aimed at players of different levels. , AI will simulate the player’s personal operating characteristics, automatically set the game difficulty, further enhance the player’s experience, and promote player retention.

In the operation link, the entire game has undergone pre-modeling, research and development, and testing, and finally put into the market. There will be users who will continue to play, and some users will withdraw halfway through the active learning of AI, based on the duration, login, participation, and formation of the team. , The social attribute between the teams feeds back the entire game development process, finds the excitement of the players and the reasons for the loss, thereby improving the participation process of the entire game.

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Chai Qiaozi revealed that the overall idea of ​​the game development of the Yidian Information Technology team is based on the thinking of AI application scenarios on the one hand, and on the other hand, it will combine the power of the player’s manual operation to assist AI in learning. Through the game and cooperation between AI and players, a win-win situation in both AI technology training and players’ game participation has been achieved.

As a science and technology enterprise, technological innovation is the primary productivity and core competitiveness. At present, Yidian Information has been upgraded to Cyber ​​Elephant Group, with the vision of “Technology as Freedom”, focusing on the layout of information flow content, social networking, games and other fields. The business is heading to the new track of Meta Universe. (over)Return to Sohu to see more


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