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14-year-old prodigy works for Elon Musk as a software engineer

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14-year-old prodigy works for Elon Musk as a software engineer

Others deliver newspapers with 14, Kairan Quazi becomes a software engineer.
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SpaceX has hired a prodigy for its Starlink division as a software engineer.

14-year-old Kairan Quazi will graduate from Santa Clara University in California this month.

He began studying computer science and engineering at the age of eleven.

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The latest addition to SpaceX is a software engineer named Kairan Quazi. What’s special is that he’s only 14 years old.

He said in a Thursday LinkedIn-Posting: “I will be joining the coolest company in the world as a software engineer on the Starlink development team. One of the few companies that doesn’t use my age as an arbitrary and outdated measure of maturity and ability.”

The job came shortly before he graduated from Santa Clara University’s engineering school, making him the youngest graduate like them Seattle Times reported. According to the report, he plans to relocate with his mother from Pleasanton, California, and work at SpaceX in Redmond, Washington.

Quazi is one of the smartest people in the world

Quazi’s extraordinary journey began at the age of two, when he could speak in complete sentences. As early as kindergarten, he told other children and teachers about the news he had heard on the radio Los Angeles Times.

When he found his homework in third grade, at age nine, not challenging enough, his parents helped him enroll in a community college in California, the report said.

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“I felt like I was studying at the level I was meant to be,” he told the LA Times.

That same year he got a 99.9 on an IQ test. percentile of the general population, according to his family Magazin BrainGain.

A few months later Quazi received an internship as an AI research fellow at Intel Labs, and at the age of eleven he changed to Santa Clara University to major in computer science and engineering.

“I don’t think I’ll miss my childhood”

According to his, he spent last year LinkedIn-Profile four months as a machine learning intern at cyber intelligence company Blackbird.AI. According to his profile, he helped develop a “piping line for statistical learning to detect anomalies” to detect if social media content has been tampered with.

Quazi said ABC7 News: “I think there’s a conventional wisdom that I miss childhood, but I don’t think that’s true. I think with that mindset I would be graduating from middle school now.”

It seems that he has already achieved a goal with the job at Starlink. “It is my dream to have a career where I tackle challenging issues and innovate radically for the greater good,” he wrote in his LinkedIn bio. Starlink is SpaceX’s satellite internet service.

Starlink did not respond to a request from Business Insider.


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