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“2021 Digital Infrastructure Forum” held in Beijing, the industry discusses the development of the digital economy and will use cloud computing to vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction | Daily Economic News

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Entering a new stage of development, how should my country develop digital infrastructure?12moon4Day byHosted by People’s Daily Online, Anmai CloudCo-organized “2021The “Digital Infrastructure Forum” was held in Beijing and discussed with the theme of “Building the Foundation and Building the Future”.

The “Daily Business News” reporter noted that in order to accelerate the construction of a network power and a digital China,Ministry of Industry and Information TechnologyThe “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for the Development of Information and Communication Industry” released a few days ago proposed that2025In 2010, the overall scale of the information and communication industry has further grown, the quality of development has been significantly improved, and a new type of high-speed ubiquitous, integrated, interconnected, intelligent, green, safe and reliable digital infrastructure has been basically built, and the ability to empower the digital transformation and upgrading of the economy and society has been comprehensively improved.

Image source: Xinhua News Agency

Digital new infrastructure is a new foundation for high-quality development

In recent years, my country’s new digital infrastructure construction has continued to accelerate. Compared with traditional infrastructure, digital new infrastructure is not only a new foundation for promoting high-quality development, but also a new investment to promote high-quality development and a new starting point for modernizing the governance system.

Li Ying, Dean of School of Emergency Management Science and Engineering, University of Chinese Academy of SciencesIt was stated at the forum that the development of the digital economy must have corresponding infrastructure as the foundation and guarantee. At present, my country is entering a new stage of digital economy marked by digital productivity. The material carriers on which the people depend for survival and development are gradually changing from traditional facilities to digital facilities.

“New infrastructure is a new increase in China’s economy. Facing the challenges of increasing downward pressure on the economy, declining marginal effects of traditional infrastructure investment, and declining industrial penetration, the promotion of new digital infrastructure construction is my country’s ability to hedge the impact of the epidemic, optimize investment structure, and stimulate An effective method of economic growth.”Li YingSay.

Li YingIt is believed that various big data applications based on the new digital infrastructure will greatly enhance the ability of government departments to accurately implement policies, and can effectively solve the pain points in the flow of people in the industry chain, the blockages in logistics and transportation, and the cash flow of small and medium-sized enterprises in peacetime. Existing breakpoints and stuck points in the supply of raw materials, use information flow to drive the efficient circulation of talent flow, material flow, capital flow and technology flow, and effectively improve the level of public services and social governance capabilities.

The reporter of “Daily Economic News” noticed that in11moon26day,State CouncilThe release of the “Opinions on Supporting the High-Quality Development of Beijing’s Sub-centers” also pointed out that we must vigorously develop the digital economy and step up the deployment of new digital infrastructure.

Promote the innovation and development of my country’s cloud computing industry from five aspects

Cloud computing is a brand-new format of the information industry. It has attracted much attention in recent years and is regarded as a key means for the innovation and development of the information industry in the future. At the same time, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other departments have also issued a series of regulations, standards and related policies in recent years to promote the development of the cloud computing industry.

Wen Ku, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of China Communications Standards AssociationIt was stated at the forum that in recent years, under the guidance of national policies and the joint efforts of the industry, my country’s cloud computing has made positive progress, but there is still a certain gap compared with developed countries, and the development of the industry has a long way to go.

WenkuIt is believed that my country’s future development of cloud computing industry should be improved from the following five aspects.

One is to increase technological innovation. In-depth research and development of cloud operating systems, focusing on the compatibility of heterogeneous systems, actively developing cloud-native technologies, improving the flexibility of platform architecture, and high-speed iteration capabilities for application development, focusing on strengthening cloud, network, and edge all-round collaboration technologies to improve cloud The ability to integrate at the edge of the network.

The second is to speed up the development of standards. Focus on the cutting-edge technology of cloud computing, resource monitoring, security assurance, multi-cloud interconnection, application and data traction, cloud implementation plans, service quality and performance testing and other fields, accelerate the development of key and urgently needed technologies, services and application standards, and actively Carry out standard publicity and application demonstration work, and promote the implementation of the standard.

The third is to enrich the industrial ecology. Cloud service providers should work with application service providers, system integrators, infrastructure providers, cloud management service providers and other relevant parties in the industry chain to continue to expand service content and drive upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain to use the cloud to form efficient data Integration and application integration improve operational efficiency.

The fourth is to improve safety guarantees. In accordance with core issues such as public cloud and data security, enhance the security construction level of cloud platforms, improve cloud service quality, improve cloud platform security management mechanisms, improve cloud platform security operations, establish and improve cloud security service ecology, and strengthen resource sharing and complementary advantages , To enhance the protection capabilities of cloud security.

The fifth is to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. Strengthen research on carbon peaking and carbon neutrality in the cloud computing field, formulate accounting methods for cloud services and related carbon emissions as soon as possible, encourage cloud service providers to actively carry out cloud service low-carbon technology and innovative research, and further use cloud computing technology to empower enterprises and the whole world Social energy saving and carbon reduction.

Wu Wenjie, Founder and Chairman of Anmai CloudIn his speech, it was mentioned that distributed storage networks and distributed computing networks are the products of the future development of blockchain technology and cloud computing technology to a certain stage, which are important in national technology development, soft power enhancement, and data security protection. significance.

Increase efforts to tackle key core technologies

While the global epidemic is still developing, the role of the digital economy is also growing. Online education, telemedicine and other businesses are booming, and more and more industries are accelerating their digital transformation.

Mei Jie, the second-level investigator of the Information and Communication Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information TechnologyIt was stated at the forum that in recent years, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has conscientiously implemented the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, continued to enhance network supply and service capabilities, vigorously promoted digital industrialization and industrial digitization, and achieved remarkable results in promoting the development of my country’s digital economy.

Major said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will continue to strengthen the construction of digital infrastructure in the future to support the continuous strengthening and expansion of my country’s digital economy.

The first is to intensify the construction of new digital infrastructure and fully deploy5GGigabit fiber optic network,IPV6, Mobile Internet of Things and other new-generation communication network infrastructure.

The second is to focus on building a solid industrial foundation, increase efforts to tackle key core technologies, and upgrade the level of advanced industrial foundation and industrial modernization.

The third is to actively expand integration application scenarios, focus on pain points, difficulties and blocking issues, expand the integration and application of information and communication technologies in vertical industries, and empower traditional industries to transform and upgrade.

The “Daily Economic News” reporter noted that according toChina Academy of Information and Communications TechnologyThe White Paper on China‘s Digital Economy Development (2020)”, the scale of my country’s digital economy has been2005Yearly2.6Trillion, grow to2020Yearly39.2Trillion yuan, while the digital economy accounts forGDPThe proportion is also determined by2005Yearly14.20%, Up to2020Yearly38.60%

Cover image source: Xinhua News Agency

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