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2023 forecasts and quotation, is it worth investing?

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2023 forecasts and quotation, is it worth investing?

It’s good for today invest in Tesla shares, the very famous company specialized in the production of electric cars? What are the 2023 forecast according to analysts? What is the target price and which i dividends?

In this guide, we’ll try to answer all of these questions, starting with a brief overview of the company.

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Tesla: What does the company do?

Let’s start with one first brief overview about the company.

As you well know, Tesla is a US multinational that deals with the production of electric carsbut also of photovoltaic panels and energy storage systems.

Its name comes from the well-known inventor, Nikola Tesla.

The company aims to accelerate the transition of the world towards the use of renewable energy sources.

The company was founded in 2003 in San Carlos, California.

To give some numbers, on October 25, 2021 Tesla achieved a share capitalization of 1 trillion dollars.

Its today market capitalization is equal to 696.93 billion dollars.

Tesla stock performance and price

Now that we have framed the company, we can go and analyze theshare performance.

Here you can find the graph updated in real time:

Tesla Stock Forecast 2023: What to Expect? Dividends and target prices

Now that we have a general picture, also thanks to the graph, let’s go deeper and see the most important data to understand if invest in Tesla stock.

Latest news

Tesla has been listed on the stock exchange since 2010 on Wall Street.

Tesla is currently down -44.39% year-to-date.

In fact, there have been some difficult moments even for this company that is so important and well established in the market.

Some problems can be found in the second quarter results on the sales front deliverieswhich were a bit disappointing compared to expectations: indeed it seems that the drop of almost 18% compared to the previous quarter is essentially due to the forced shutdown of the Shanghai factory.

Another difficult moment is that relating to the drop in registrations which occurred around the month of June, throughout the automotive sector.

But we can’t talk about Tesla and its results without mentioning the most important news that has interested a large part of investors, namely the one relating to the desire of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, to acquire the very famous social media Twitter.

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The announcement of the purchase of Twitter by Elon Muskwhich took place around April 2022, made investors nervous, and not a little.

Indeed, they have begun to sell i Tesla stockswhich have suffered declines of up to 10%.

The investors they were also worried why Musk allegedly diverted all his attention to Twitter and neglected Tesla, with major repercussions towards the car manufacturer at a time when the level and competition in the challenge for the electric car market were getting higher and higher.

L’ objective Musk’s stated was to make Twitter one platform to guarantee freedom of speech, but analysts are wondering about the scope of the operation and the effects that could exist for Tesla.

Il margin loan from 12.5 billion dollars to acquire Twitter was backed by Tesla shares, which ended up down 12%.

In short, Twitter has cast a lot of shadows on Tesla, even if the July 2022 news tells us that Elon Musk he no longer wants to buy Twitter since the South African entrepreneur claims that the company has not fulfilled its contractual obligations: this has caused Tesla’s prices to rise.

It is important to mention a collapse happened during the pre-market on October 24, 2022: the Tesla stock in fact lost 3% before the market opened, pushed down by the news about the reduction in the cost of the two vehicles (Model 3 and Model Y) in China, which it has always been a critical market for the electric car group.

Tesla has been one of the best stocks since May 2022, however the swings and continuous rebounds of the last few days of the year have highlighted the nervousness of investors.

However, Wall Street expects Tesla shares to double in 2023 (FactSet data). It was the second-largest increase among S&P 500 index members, according to scholars. Only Dish Network, with an approval rating of 106%, has a higher percentage

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Tesla: target price

Now that we have summarized the latest Tesla news, let’s continue with our analysis: according to analysts, the target price is equal to $203.45.

The advice of analysts is to buy and hold the shares, even if there have been some shocks and Tesla has had to suffer important losses.

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Of course, these are data and uncertain predictions: let’s remember that no one has a crystal ball and can predict the future, indicating the best way and, as is repeated all too often, there are no 100% safe investments.

Tesla: dividends

To conclude our overall analysis, let’s see one more very important figure if you are interested in buying Tesla shares, namely that of the dividend.

Tesla does not distribute dividends This is not uncommon, since other big companies like Netflix, Amazon and Facebook also do not distribute them.

However, it should be mentioned that a share split of Tesla shares took place in August 2022: each share was in fact divided into 3. The operation was carried out to make the share grow again and with a view to distributing dividends in the future .

Is it worth investing in Tesla?

We have come to the end of the analysis Tesla stock and we can then move on to the conclusions: Should you buy Tesla shares?

We have seen that in recent times there have been considerable upheavals for Teslastarting from the problem of the automotive sector in general, passing through the closure of the Shanghai factory and finally all the related consequences linked to the Musk-Twitter case.

Despite this, however, Tesla remains one of the most important stocks on the world scene, and in fact analysts’ forecasts are inclined to buy.

It is in fact a very large company and a sector which in the long run will surely live with satisfaction.

In fact, in 2023 Tesla plans to produce and deliver 2 million cars, which will allow the company in all probability to be able to maintain an advantage over the competition.

In any case, I personally never recommend buying one single action: it would be a risky operation if implemented in isolation, without acting in view of a diversified strategy.

Invest in stocks it can lead to rewards and gains, however you need to be clear about what you are doing. If you’ve never invested in stocks, here you are guide to start investing in stocks.

Where to buy Tesla shares?

The company is listed on the financial market Nasdaq.

How to buy shares? I’ll explain it to you right now:

  • You can buy them in the bank: if you opt for this route, you take advantage of the advantage of checking your current account whenever you want. And yet don’t forget that the commissions for this operation at the bank, whether over the counter or online, are expensive: a disadvantage to take into account! If the amount you want to allocate to Tesla shares is a few hundred euros, you will agree with me that spending 10 euros or more in commissions makes no sense!
  • You can buy them on online platformsThere are many of them on the internet. If you opt for this alternative, the commissions you will pay will be lower or zero and this allows you to invest even low amounts. The choice is very wide and therefore it is good to inquire carefully to understand which is the most suitable for us.
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Between these two alternatives, try to use as a yardstick first of all the amount you have to invest: if we are talking about over 3-4 thousand euros, it can also be convenient to buy at the bank.

If, on the other hand, you want to invest lower figures, then I advise you to contact an online platform.

If you want to discover the best online platforms to be able to invest independently, you can read the guide I wrote.

Additional helpful resources

In this article I have tried to provide you with an overview of Tesla, its shares, and all the main information concerning the stock market and the title itself.

Remember to always invest only figures that you can afford to lose and that they never exceed 2-3% of the money you want to invest, even if you believe 100% in the company. Diversification is essential in a sector which, for better or worse, has risk as its constant. You know that my position is adamant on this aspect: take risks yes, but with intelligence.

In the meantime, here are some guides that might interest you:

Before saying goodbye, I would also like to leave you with some resources that you may find really useful for starting an informed investment journey:

See you soon!

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