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2023 International Digital Energy Exhibition Showcases Cutting-Edge Technologies and Industry Trends

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The 2023 International Digital Energy Exhibition took place in Shenzhen from June 29th to July 2nd, showcasing the latest technologies and applications in the global digital energy industry. The event featured exhibitors from renowned domestic and international companies, industry associations, universities, research institutes, and green financial organizations, all focused on the development trends and opportunities in the digital energy sector.

One of the prominent participants in the exhibition was Zhongnan Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Energy Construction. They presented their three major businesses: “new energy,” “new energy storage,” and “digital energy.” Through this showcase, they demonstrated cutting-edge technologies, innovative products, and advanced solutions.

Numerous forums and discussions were held during the exhibition, such as the “Digital Drive Can Create the Future” Digital Energy Forum and the New Power System Development Forum. These sessions focused on the potential opportunities and challenges brought by wind power, photovoltaic new energy transmission technology, new energy storage technology, and digital energy. Participants provided practical suggestions on significant issues like the application of data-driven production methods and the integration of the digital revolution and the energy revolution.

The event was successful in bringing together industry leaders and experts to exchange ideas and explore new avenues for development in the digital energy field. It showcased the advancements being made and discussed the future possibilities for this rapidly growing industry.

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