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2026 Olympics, entities on alert: unknown expenses in the post-Games

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2026 Olympics, entities on alert: unknown expenses in the post-Games

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Legacy, dear legacy. Once unknown, today it is the word that occurs most when talking about the Winter Olympics in Milan and Cortina 2026, and which essentially indicates a concept: connection with the territory, to avoid the environmental disasters produced by cathedrals in the desert. An idea that takes on a more concrete character if we translate it into figures that weigh on the budgets of local authorities: in fact, in order to be kept alive once the Games are over, each structure needs investments in maintenance and expenses to guarantee its functioning.

Under the IOC’s lens, obviously, there is above all the Cortina bobsleigh track, which the International Committee would have preferred not to build by exploiting the already existing track in Saint Moritz. Not even the idea of ​​reopening the Cesana runway has ever seemed like a good idea to the IOC, given that right here in 2006 what they are trying to avoid was already accomplished here: a cathedral in the desert, an unused runway after a large outlay.

However, the track in Cortina will be built: the tender was won by Pizzarotti for 81 million, and the project, although scaled down, continues. Yes, but then? According to initial estimates, keeping the track open could cost the Municipality from 1.2 to 1.5 million per year, which is no coincidence that it is already working to find an agreement with the other local authorities, in order to share the costs and support initiatives that could “make the structure profitable”.

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Municipality of Cortina, province of Belluno, autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano and Veneto Region, on the basis of a letter of intent signed at the time of the Milano Cortina candidacy, are the subjects who together will contribute to the management costs: «At this point it the financial plan has been redone, in light of the business plan drawn up by Simico itself (the Olympic infrastructure company, ed.) – underlines the mayor of Cortina Gianluca Lorenzi – In addition to the commitments undertaken by the local authorities, possible sponsorships must be considered, as well as the availability to engage economic categories”.

The objective is to give the bobsleigh track a future, beyond the Olympics, «both in a competitive and recreational way. This is why we work 360 degrees, including with international sports federations, to see if it is possible to bring some competitions here. The fact that this will be the only track in Italy also opens up the attraction of tourists and enthusiasts.”

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