Home Business 255 institutions gathered in Huichuan Technology, Shi Bo, Guo Xiaowen and Chen Hao all paid attention to the environment of Tianhao | Institutional survey for a week_New Energy_Company_Wen’s

255 institutions gathered in Huichuan Technology, Shi Bo, Guo Xiaowen and Chen Hao all paid attention to the environment of Tianhao | Institutional survey for a week_New Energy_Company_Wen’s

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255 institutions gathered in Huichuan Technology, Shi Bo, Guo Xiaowen and Chen Hao all paid attention to the environment of Tianhao | Institutional survey for a week_New Energy_Company_Wen’s

Original title: 255 institutions gathered in Huichuan Technology, Shi Bo, Guo Xiaowen and Chen Hao all paid attention to Tianhao Environment | One Week Institutional Research

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Reporter | Hu Yingjun

The growth sector continued to dance this week, with the ChiNext Index rebounding sharply by 6.29%. The main line of market rebound represented by the concept of new energy is becoming more and more clear, and institutions are also stepping up their tracking and research on related targets.

The data provided by Wind shows that from June 20 to 24, a total of 136 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen were surveyed by institutions, while 6 were surveyed by more than 100 institutions. Among them, the top five were stocks in the new energy industry chain, respectively. This week, 255, 191, 191, 145, 128, and 118 institutions were investigated for Huichuan Technology, Huayang Group, Cangzhou Pearl, Jereh Co., Ltd., and Hengdian East Magnetics.

Inovance Technology‘s research activities this week have attracted the attention of 255 institutions, and the research lineup is luxurious: there are top public offerings such as Wells Fargo Fund, China Europe Fund, Ruiyuan Fund, etc., as well as Tongyuan Investment, Gao Yi Asset, Ningquan Assets, Hillhouse Capital and other well-known private equity. Not only that, foreign investors such as JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, and Temasek also rarely gather;

In the research activities, talking about the company’s competitive advantages in the new energy vehicle business, the technical person in charge of Huichuan said that in 2016, the company decided to enter the new energy vehicle business, hoping to obtain large business growth with large investment. Compared with its competitors, the company has two major advantages in the new energy vehicle business. One is fast response. New energy vehicles change rapidly. The development of a model is very fast, and the model sales need to be upgraded within 1-2 years. As a new entrant, Huichuan has to use its “fast” ability to make breakthroughs in this field. The second is the dividend of China‘s engineers and industrial chain. The new energy industrial chain is the most complete in China. Inovance has seized the dividend of high-quality engineers and the advantages of the supply chain.

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In addition to the new energy concept stocks, the pig breeding leader Wen’s Co., Ltd. has also attracted the attention of institutions this week, attracting 118 institutions to participate in the survey. Public offering institutions such as E Fund, China Asset Management, and BlackRock Fund collectively participated; well-known private equity funds such as Tamsui, Jinglin, and Zhengxin Valley were dispatched one after another.

Since March this year, the price of live pigs across the country has continued to fluctuate and rise, and it has been rising for three consecutive months so far. The stock prices of individual pig breeding stocks have also moved. Wen’s shares have risen by 23.62% since the start of the rising market on June 6.

In this research activity, when asked how he thought about pork prices in the second half of the year, Wen’s shares said that in March this year, the pig price started a new round of rising cycle, but this year’s pig cycle has completely reversed, and it has directly entered a unilateral rising cycle. It is less likely and needs time to verify. The reason is that the reduction of production capacity in the early stage was relatively mild, and according to the data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the number of breeding sows in the country was limited, and the period of deep loss was short and discontinuous. It is expected that the overall price of pigs will fluctuate and rise in the second half of the year, mainly due to seasonal rebounds. The specific position of the price of pigs needs to be comprehensively analyzed for changes in supply and demand.

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It is worth noting that on June 21, Shi Bo, vice president and chief investment officer (equity) of Southern Asset Management, rarely appeared in Tianhao environmental research, and also appeared on the research list, including Guo Xiaowen of China Post Fund and E Fund Fund Chen Hao. Public offering star fund managers show up together, what is the attractiveness of Tianhao environment?

According to the data, the company is a leading enterprise engaged in energy-saving services for waste heat power generation in the contract energy management mode in China, and one of the natural gas companies with the fastest net profit growth in 2021. Affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war, global natural gas prices have generally risen. Affected by international prices, my country’s natural gas prices have also increased significantly year-on-year. Tianhao Environment’s stock price has also rebounded sharply recently, with a cumulative increase of nearly 40% since late April.

Tianhao Environment introduced in the investigation of the agency that the company and CNOOC affiliates jointly invested in the construction of the largest unconventional natural gas pipeline in China – the Shen’an Line, which starts from Shenmu, Shaanxi in the west and ends in Anping, Hebei, with a total length of about 600 kilometers. Phase 2 and Phase 2 projects have been put into production.

During the research activities, an organization asked whether the Shen’an Line would affect the supply and demand pattern of the Hebei market. Tianhao Environment stated that if the Shen’an Line is fully produced, it will transport 5 billion to 8 billion cubic meters per year to Hebei, which will not affect the The supply and demand pattern of Hebei market. Secondly, the company can sell natural gas to Shandong and Jiangsu through ventilation, so it is not completely aimed at the Hebei market. At present, it includes coastal areas such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shandong provinces. The gas they use mainly comes from offshore LNG. At present, there is a large space for acquisition. This is what the company will do soon, and it is an important work for in-depth distribution. Return to Sohu, see more

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