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27-year-old earns around 4,000 euros per month from Amazon reviews

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27-year-old earns around 4,000 euros per month from Amazon reviews

Trevin Peterson has built a lucrative business for himself. Trevin Peterson

Trevin Peterson was initially skeptical about whether it was a good idea to make money by reviewing Amazon products.

After trying it out, he earned over $1,600 in his first month.

Here are his top tips on how to increase commissions for each review.

Trevin Peterson, 27, has been making money online for over six years, primarily by selling products on Amazon.

When he started in 2017, he spent money buying inventory and testing various products, such as car seat gap fillers and pens, which sometimes didn’t sell. He learned many costly lessons because he stocked up on inventory that didn’t sell and often had to be sold cheaply or thrown away to avoid storage fees.

Although he eventually became a successful Amazon seller, he recognizes that a costly trial-and-error process is not an option for others.

In 2023, he came across Amazon’s influencer program, which pays commissions to people who post video reviews of products on their listing pages. At first he didn’t think it would make much money, but he had seen it work for others. In April, he started trying it out for himself – and to his surprise, it turned out to be a great source of extra income. He was able to grow his Amazon business and teach others about side hustles through his online coaching program.

It’s not too difficult to get started, but maintaining a high upload frequency requires a significant time commitment. To get on board, you need to log in to Amazon using a social media account such as Instagram, Facebook (both must be business accounts), YouTube or Tiktok. The program considers follower count and other engagement metrics for admission. After recording, Amazon requires the submission of three test videos. In a previous interview with Business Insider (BI), Peterson shared his top advice for signing up and creating these test videos, including good audio quality, keeping the product in view, and not making medical claims.

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Peterson has earned an average of $4,200 per month over the past three months by reviewing products on Amazon. This is evident from screenshots of his account seen by BI. He learned a few things that will make it possible to increase your commissions.

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The best advice for making more money with Amazon product reviews

You have to be prepared to upload a lot of videos. Peterson uploaded about 150 videos by the end of April and earned $1,680 in his first month, according to screenshots of his account seen by BI. To do this, he evaluated more expensive products such as home gyms, golf clubs and a truck bed cover.

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