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275 million euros: Teylor loan startup with mega financing

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275 million euros: Teylor loan startup with mega financing

The Swiss fintech Teylor grants loans to smaller companies – and is now getting money itself. A major British bank and other investors are behind the deal.

Patrick Stäuble founded Teylor in Switzerland four years ago. With the new capital, the 31-year-old can service significantly larger loans in the future.

The Swiss fintech Teylor gets laut Finance Forward 275 million euros from the British bank Barclays and made available to other investors. The loan startup will use the money to provide further loans to small and medium-sized companies – an area that traditional banks often avoid due to the complex credit check and insufficient loan sizes. Teylor has developed its own lending technology, which, among other things, collects data from publicly available data sources and is intended to speed up the application process.

Patrick Stäuble founded the fintech in 2019 and initially brokered loans of between EUR 100,000 and EUR 1 million via the Solarisbank. The fintech is now servicing the loans with its own loan fund from Luxembourg worth around 100 million euros. With the fresh capital, the startup can now increase the loan sizes.

Teylor and German competitor Creditshelf

Last year, Teylor was able to issue a total of 175 million euros in loans, according to its own statements more than its Frankfurt competitor Creditshelf with 114 million euros. In addition to loans for companies, Teylor now also offers loans for real estate and factoring.

As another line of business, the startup makes its software available to banks. The financial institutions can use the platform to check the creditworthiness of their customers more quickly, digitize lending and make it easier. According to its own statements, the startup processed two billion euros in loans in this way last year.

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The new partnership with Barclays is “quite long-term”, as founder Stäuble Finance Forward said. The Zurich startup is currently in fundraising. Last year Teylor could Collect 6.3 million eurosincluding Ilavska Vuillermoz, the Swiss asset manager Weisshorn Asset and former bankers such as Didier Denat from Credit Suisse.

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