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300,000 base “Diablo: Immortal” mobile game krypton gold limit exposure-Game- Blizzard Blizzard

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300,000 base “Diablo: Immortal” mobile game krypton gold limit exposure-Game- Blizzard Blizzard

“Diablo: Immortal” is about to start an online press conference on May 20, when the official will announce the specific launch time and more game details of this dark orthodox mobile game on each platform.Previously, the official has invited many game Up masters, KOLs and game media to play the closed test in the form of directional invitations. We can see their sharing on the Internet, and many of them have shown us the upcoming game. The “Diablo: Immortal” krypton gold upper limit, many netizens said that they can only play “Diablo: Immortal” by selling their house.

Netease operation everyone knows

At the moment when it was officially announced that the national service of “Diablo: Immortal” would be operated by NetEase, you were not half-shattered. As we all know, the mobile games operated by NetEase are both liver and krypton. The games it has operated in the past include “Harry Potter”, “Onmyoji”, “Fantasy Westward Journey”, “Westward Journey”, “Tom and Jerry” and other games. Reveals a strong heavy krypton taste.

Previously, the “Darkness: Immortal” page of the App Store platform also exposed the gold level of this game. The entry fee is 6 yuan, and the monthly card is 30 yuan. Like other mobile games, the maximum single krypton gold is 648 yuan. The rush of krypton gold.

Up main exposure full krypton price

At station B, an Up master who participated in the official packaging and testing helped you calculate the cost of heavy/full krypton if you want to play this “Darkness: Immortal”. It is expected that it will take 30-50W of krypton gold + 12 hours/day of liver to get a more refreshing gaming experience in PVP mode.

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For most PVE players, it will be relatively easy. However, the above content is the set value in the closed beta test, the actual line may be higher than this, we still have to take the official game launch as the standard. But even if it changes, the amount of krypton and liver is really terrible. If a single krypton is not a liver, it may end up being a player who is both liver and kryptonite. This is also inevitable.

The estimated time and krypton gold amount required for liver and krypton in the beta test

Some of the weapons in Diablo: Immortal mobile may only be available through the Krypton Pass

In addition to the weapons in the game that require separate krypton gold to purchase the pass, the materials required to upgrade the equipment in the game also require krypton gold. Although the game does not directly sell krypton gold weapons, no matter from the weapon pass and upgrade material krypton Gold settings are actually sold indirectly.

This is very unfriendly to zero krypton or light krypton players. Therefore, for most players, only a simple experience is needed, and kryptonite players should be prepared for heavy kryptonite.

For most of us, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to play a mobile game is a bit too much. After all, games are not the whole of our lives. It is good to be happy with a moderate amount of money, not to mention that there are many teenagers in the game. Among them, although there is a protection mechanism for minors, every detail in the entire game implicitly implies that players go to krypton gold, which is also extremely unfavorable for the growth of young people.

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Moreover, a mobile game needs to invest a lot of time and energy into it, which is extremely undesirable for most people. Hope you all have some fun.

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