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4 companies delisted today, and more than 20 companies will be delisted in June – yqqlm

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(Original title: 4 companies delisted today, and more than 20 companies will be delisted in June)

On the evening of June 26, LVGEM (000502), Chenxin (002447), Mengshi (002684), and King Kong (300064) announced successively that the company’s shares had been terminated by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. was delisted. According to the statistics of reporters from Securities Times e Company, since June, together with the aforementioned four companies, the number of A-share companies delisted this month has reached 20, and there are still a number of companies on the way to delisting.

2022 can be called the year of “delisting”. With the implementation of the most stringent new delisting regulations, A-shares have ushered in the largest wave of delisting. Combined with the number of delisted companies and companies that have received a “decision to terminate listing”, this year The number of A-share delisted companies will exceed 40.

In terms of reasons for delisting, LVGEM’s withdrawal, Chenxin’s withdrawal, Mengshi’s withdrawal and King Kong’s withdrawal are all financial delistings. Among them, LVGEM’s withdrawal and King Kong’s withdrawal were delisted as “financial portfolio indicators + audit opinion”, Chenxin’s withdrawal was delisted as a financial portfolio indicator type, and Mengshi’s withdrawal involved audit opinion type delisting.

Specifically, LVGEM retired as a veteran real estate company. Since its net profit in 2020 is negative and its operating income is less than 100 million yuan, the company’s shares will be issued a delisting risk warning from May 6, 2021. In April this year, LVGEM’s annual report showed that the net profit in 2021 was a loss, and the deducted operating income was 43.2832 million yuan. At the same time, the company’s 2021 financial report was issued an audit report that could not express an opinion. +Audit Opinions” all touched on the termination of listing.

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King Kong Tui was once a leading enterprise in the domestic synthetic diamond industry. Because the 2020 financial report was issued an audit report that could not express an opinion, the company’s stock was covered with stars and hats. In April this year, the company’s first annual report after the company’s stock trading was issued a delisting risk warning showed that the company’s net assets at the end of 2021 were – 817 million yuan, and the financial report was issued again without expressing opinions, which touched the situation of stock termination.

Chenxin Tui and Mengshi Tui both tried to protect their shells after being issued a delisting risk warning, but were blocked by new delisting regulations.

Among them, the surprise revenue generation of Chenxin Retirement was curbed by the new regulations on revenue deduction. Chenxintui will achieve revenue of 153 million yuan in 2021, of which the newly established subsidiary Luoxiu Technology will contribute 101 million yuan in revenue, mainly engaged in the paper business. The main business of Chenxin Tui was Internet games, e-sports and so on. In the end, the above-mentioned 101 million yuan of revenue was deducted by the audit agency as “business income unrelated to the main business“, and Chenxin Tui was also forced to delist because the deducted revenue was less than 100 million yuan.

The Lions retreat has attracted attention due to its debt forgiveness protection. At the beginning of this year, Lions Retirement disclosed that 12 creditors waived the company’s debt of 3.4 billion yuan at the end of last year. At the time of protection, the creditors were generously bailed out, which made Mengshi Retire’s net assets in 2021 to be positive, but the company’s financial report was not recognized by the auditing agency, and was issued an “unable to express opinion”, which involved delisting. The debt waiver is one of the reasons why Dynavolt’s withdrawal was “non-standard”. The accounting firm said that it failed to obtain sufficient and appropriate audit evidence for the creditor’s debt waiver of Dynavolt.

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Looking back at the delisting process of LVGEM’s withdrawal, Chenxin’s withdrawal, Mengshi’s withdrawal and King Kong’s withdrawal, all four companies received the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s decision to terminate their listing on May 26, and entered the delisting consolidation period on June 6. The delisting arrangement period is 15 trading days, and the last trading day is June 24. After being delisted, the four companies will be transferred to the National Equities Exchange and Quotations System for share transfer.

Judging from the market performance during the delisting adjustment period, in the past, the A-share speculation on delisting stocks has relatively restrained. On the first day of the delisting adjustment period, the average stock prices of LVGEM, Chenxin, Mengshi and King Kong fell sharply, with declines of about 86%, 81%, 73% and 50% respectively on the day.

However, in the end, the stock price performance of the above-mentioned companies during the delisting process was divided. Among them, the stock prices of LVGEM Retreat and Chenxin Retreat fell by more than 80%, Mengshi Retreat fell by about 70%, and King Kong Retreat rebounded, and the decline narrowed to 12%.

After-hours data show that the well-known hot money seat Guosheng Securities Ningbo Sangtian Road has repeatedly topped the buyer’s list of King Kong’s retreat. King Kong Retire said in the previous risk warning announcement that it has recently noticed that there have been remarks such as “the company’s restructuring plan is likely to be delisted at the end of this month” and other remarks on platforms such as stock bars. After verification, the company currently has no relevant restructuring plan.

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Next, there are many A-share companies about to usher in delisting. The reporter noticed that the last transaction date for Tianshou Retirement, Dewei Retirement and Zhongying Retirement is June 27; the expected final transaction date for Baode Retirement and Donghai A Retirement is June 28; The trading day will be June 29; delisting Prima China and delisting Universal will be delisted from the Shanghai Stock Exchange on June 30, etc.

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