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5G and the environment, from the cloud to drones: this is how the defense and care of the territory changes

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Robotic eyes watch over the course of the Po river. Telemetry data, position on the map and video in real time. With geospatial and hydraulic modeling it is possible to predict the effects of a flood, identifying the embankments most exposed to flooding. These data are available thanks to the help of drones and sensors. Valid allies not only for the world of industry, they are becoming increasingly present in the monitoring and care of the territory. A challenge that can be achieved thanks to the connection capacity and low latency offered by the 5G mobile connection and the cloud.

It happens to the Murazzi

The Turin long Po was replicated in 3D thanks to the overflight of an aerial drone capable of creating a digital terrain model. A very high resolution reproduction of the river scenery that allows you to study and digitally reproduce the possible scenarios of urban flooding.

The experimentation on the Po carried out by Tim, in collaboration with Seikey, has shown that – with the application of a new tool based on the use of drones to improve the strategic management of the risk associated with the possible flooding of the river – observation and watercourse monitoring is the basis of modern hydrological knowledge.

From Tim’s Control Room, the management and monitoring center that allows you to analyze river activity, the images and forecast models are observed by special viewers that guarantee an immersive experience. With the use of augmented and virtual reality, man-machine integration makes it possible to achieve a great level of detail. A system that enables the exploration of the critical points of the river environment, with the possibility of focusing even on small portions of the model.

A solution which, integrated with the databases of the Public Administration, makes it possible to create an Early Warning System: an early warning tool capable of predicting the dynamic interaction of the flood waters of the Po with the buildings and the topology of the roads. All in 1: 1 scale. This is just one of the many possible applications for remote-controlled vehicles connected to the network, placed at the service of environmental protection. Furthermore, thanks to the use of eXtended Reality solutions, it is possible to dynamically and immersively see the results obtained, so that they can also be analyzed in shared virtual environments.

The aim is not only to provide sector experts with highly detailed analysis and data and forecast elements for limiting the risks of floods. But also to create an opportunity to promote the dissemination and global awareness of complex phenomena such as floods and floods, so as to create a civic awareness to experience the relationship between the urban fabric and the river with greater awareness.

Shared intelligence
The Cloud does not only allow us to archive and keep the data and documents we need every day. In its most pioneering developments, it allows for the creation of shared knowledge between the machines used in the service of the territory.

This is the case of the Cloud Robotics Infrastructure (CRI) platform, which has the main task of mediating between robotic applications and robots, with the ability to manage and monitor simultaneous multi-robot missions and take advantage of the data processing that takes place in the platform. Cloud by TIM. In fact, physical robots and sensors can be “moved” to the Cloud, using modern technologies of aggregation and independence from hardware. Once moved to the Cloud, they are part of a connected world of applications, of ‘smart’ objects, able to share various information, such as the flight paths of multiple drones, or use very complex remote processing, such as algorithms of artificial intelligence to recognize objects.

At the service of man
The use of means (air, land or underwater) that can be operated remotely is becoming increasingly necessary to create and offer new digital services, defined as ‘multi-robots’. A system for exchanging, storing and enhancing information to implement advanced operations, thanks to the synergy of several machines deployed in the field and capable of communicating with each other.

According to the data, this is a rapidly growing sector: some analyzes predict that the sector market will reach 27.5 billion dollars by 2026, + 33.1% Cagr. Thanks to the Cloud and 5G, the robotics market will reach 10.6 billion dollars by 2028, + 79.2% Cagr. With growth also linked to platforms, servers and other infrastructures, which represent the largest portion of the total cloud robotics market, accounting for 64% of the total.

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