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5S, former MPs no longer hired: the furious Grillini trumpets against Conte

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5S, former MPs no longer hired: the furious Grillini trumpets against Conte

5S furious against Conte (who no longer hired them). Wrath of former minister Dadone. The case

Deputies, Senators and former 5S ministers they call but Joseph Conte does not answer. Many politicians, within the Grillino staff, convinced that they have a place in the parliamentary groups in their pocket as soon as the new legislature would start, are in fact still looking for a position. The 5S leader Joseph Conte had promised them a place either in Montecitorio or in Palazzo Madamabut for now, almost eight days after the debut of the new Chambers, there is no trace of that call.

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To write it is The newspaper which reveals the reasons for silence and the list of malcontents. The first point is an economic question. “The party coffers languish and the funds of the parliamentary groups have dwindled because the number of elected officials is clearly lower than in the previous legislature. So only a few of the exes have managed to get a ticket to work at the Palazzo,” he says The newspaper.

While as far as the disgruntled are concerned, the list is opened by the former Minister for Public Administration and Youth Policies Fabiana Dadone. “In December it seemed done for her: the negotiation between Dadone and the leaders of the M5s for a position in the staff of the parliamentary groups was at an advanced stage. But at a certain point something jammed and the former minister of the Conte and Draghi governments has been put on standby,” reveals the newspaper. But not only. Among the dissatisfied there is also the name of the former “Lombard deputy Davide Tripodi”. Disappointed also “the ex Gianluca Castaldi, Daniele Pesco and Rossella Accoto, who were even ready to open an independent consultancy company to collaborate with the new deputies and senators”, concludes the newspaper.

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