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5W to 96W Let’s watch the iPhone 13 Pro Max charging evaluation-Apple iPhone

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Just when iPhone users finally enjoy fast charging, the 2020 iPhone 12 not only does not come with 18W PD fast charging heads, but even 5W chargers are no longer included. This year’s iPhone 13 series is also the same.

Write in front

According to statistics from the charging head network, there are currently 18 iPhone models that support PD fast charging. Since the iPhone 12 series last year, Apple no longer provides a standard charger for the iPhone. If users want to use fast charging, they need to purchase an Apple 20W. PD charger.

A detailed evaluation and disassembly of the 20W fast charging head network released by Apple has also been carried out. Now that the new iPhone 13 series is on sale, let’s take a look at the introduction of the charging head network to see if the super-large iPhone 13 Pro Max has made progress in fast charging.

Unpacking introduction

For the sake of environmental protection, Apple will cancel the PD fast charging head that comes standard with iPhone. It is said that the packaging box of the iPhone 13 series has also been specially designed for environmental protection. Let’s take a simple unpacking and look at the differences.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max obtained by Charging Head Network is a graphite version, and the entire box is still very Apple.

In addition, the plastic film on the surface of the packaging boxes of the entire iPhone 13 series have been removed, and the upper and lower stickers have been used instead.

Unpacking the box directly, it is still the old three, iPhone 13 Pro Max, USB-C to Lightning fast charging cable and the series without reading.

Boot into the main interface. This time, the position of the bangs is mainly updated, which is 20% smaller than the position of the bangs on the iPhone 12 and the previous full-screen iPhone.

The back is still made of frosted material, and the huge lens module is still very durable on the whole and does not stick to fingerprints.

The bare metal measured 240.2g, which is a proper half catty machine.

Charging test

After the launch of the iPhone 13 series, I saw many readers leaving messages in the background of the charging head network. I would like to know whether the new iPhone 13 series has made progress in charging, and whether the PD fast charging heads currently in use can meet the requirements of the iPhone 13 series. For fast charging needs, let’s take a real test today to see if there has been a big change in the charging of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Compatibility test

Let’s first look at the charging compatibility test module. In order to answer everyone’s doubts about the fast charging of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the charging head network found a variety of chargers with different powers to test one by one. Let’s take a look at the iPhone 13 Pro in detail. Max’s performance in fast charging.

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For the charger part, Apple’s 5W, 12W, 18W, 20W, 30W, 61W, 87W and 96W PD chargers were selected to participate in the test, and the current high-power GaN chargers of 45W and The 65W gallium nitride charger participated in the test, divided into choosing Baseus 45W gallium nitride charger and Xiaomi 65W gallium nitride charger, the following enters the actual test link. The following test iPhone 13 Pro Max battery power is below 20%.

First, use Apple’s classic 5W charger to charge the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The power is 5.06V 0.96A 4.88W. As expected, it can run at full power. I believe that many users will always find it in a corner of the house if they want to find it. An Apple 5W charger comes.

Use the Apple 12W charger to charge the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the power is 5.05V 2.03A 10.3W, and the handshake Apple 2.4A charge.

Apple’s own charger has adopted the USB-C physical output interface and supports USB PD fast charging from the 18W power range. Using Apple’s 18W PD charger to charge the iPhone 13 Pro Max can trigger 9V fast charging with a power of 17.74W.

Apple’s 20W PD charger was first unveiled at the iPad Air 4 conference in 2020. It supports 9V2.22A 20W PD fast charging. The charger is used to charge the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The power is 8.98V 2.16A 19.49W.

Using Apple’s 30W PD charger to charge iPhone 13 Pro Max, the power is 8.79V 2.84A 25W, which is more powerful than Apple’s 20W PD charger.

Use Apple’s 61W PD charger to charge iPhone 13 Pro Max with a power of 9.02V 2.94A 26.59W.

Use Apple 87W PD charger to charge iPhone 13 Pro Max, the power is 8.99V 2.94A 26.48W.

Finally, Apple’s 96W PD charger was used to charge the iPhone 13 Pro Max with a power of 9.05V 2.94A 26.70W.

But at present, the very popular 45W and 65W powers in the high-power charger market are currently not available from Apple. So this time, two third-party high-power chargers were found to participate in the test. First, Baseus 45W 2C nitriding was used. The gallium charger charges the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the measured power is 9.23V 2.88A 26.65W.

Use Xiaomi 65W GaN charger to charge iPhone 13 Pro Max, the power is 8.91V 2.94A 26.20W.

Full charge test

I believe that everyone has roughly understood the fast charging power supported by the new iPhone 13 Pro Max from the compatibility test module, but the specific changes in the charging power of the iPhone 13 Pro Max still need to be seen in the charging curve, which can be clearly seen from the charging curve. Changes in voltage, current, and power at specific time points during iPhone 13 Pro Max charging. The whole charging test was carried out by placing the iPhone 13 Pro Max in a thermostat at 25°C. Regarding the choice of chargers, Apple 5W, 18W, 20W, 30W and 96W chargers were used this time. It is convenient for you to choose chargers with different power ranges for comparison.

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Use the Apple 96W PD charger to connect to the iPhone 13 Pro Max through the C to Lightning fast charging cable, then use the POWER-Z KM001C of ChargerLAB to connect to the charger and cable, and finally connect to the POWER-Z host computer of the computer. After the series of fast charging handshake, the mobile phone finally requests the 9V3A PD fast charging gear from the charger, and the charging power is 9.05V 2.93A 26.56W.

First, I used the Apple 5W charger to charge the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It can be seen that the power was in the 5W input state before 3 hours and 22 minutes, and it was still very stable. The test ended in 5 hours. The highest power is 5.04V 0.99A 5.04W.

Replace the 5W charger with an Apple 18W PD charger, and you can find that it was in the 9V PD fast charge input state 1 hour and 4 minutes ago, and the test ended in 2 hours and 21 minutes. The highest power is 8.84V 1.96A 17.35W.

Replace the charger with Apple’s 20W PD charger. At 58s, the voltage will rise from 5V to 9V, and the charging will enter the PD fast charging state. At 58 minutes, the voltage will drop from 9V to 5V input, and then the test will stop at 2 hours and 11 minutes. The highest power is 8.97V 2.17A 19.51W.

Replace the charger with a 30W PD charger. The voltage is 5V input when the charger is turned off in the early stage, and the voltage rises from 5V to 9V at 1 minute and 17 seconds to enter the fast charge, and at 54 minutes, the voltage is reduced from 9V to 5V input, in 2 hours and 9 minutes. The test is over. The highest power is 8.79V 2.94A 25.89W.

Finally, I used the Apple 96W PD to charge the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It can be seen that the voltage was at 5V input 2 minutes and 49 seconds ago, and the power was about 13W. At this time, the phone is in the off-charging state. Then the phone was turned on, and then the voltage was adjusted to 9V for fast charging, the power began to climb to about 26.6W, and then the power began to fluctuate from 26.6W to 11W.

The voltage dropped from 9V to 5V at 55 minutes and 45 seconds, the power was about 8W, and the charging ended in 1 hour and 49 minutes. The peak power during the whole test is 9.05V 2.93A 26.60W.

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The last part is the highlight part. The data of 5W, 18W, 20W, 30W, 96W charging for iPhone 13 Pro Max is drawn into a graph and summarized, so that everyone can charge the charger for each power stage for iPhone 13 Pro Max. Detailed understanding.

The curve of the 5W charger is expected, and it is very different from other charging curves. The focus is on the four fast charging curves in the back. The four fast charging curves look very close, but there are still differences. In general, 18W charging is relatively slow in the half hour and 1 hour phase, and 96W charging is the fastest. For details, please refer to the curve comparison chart.

Summary of charging head network

The charging test of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is completed. From the entire charging test module, it can be seen that the fast charging power of the iPhone 13 Pro Max has reached a power of nearly 27W. This is the most powerful one in the iPhone fast charging over the years. The most powerful iPhone among the iPhones that support PD fast charging.

In the previous charging head network, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has been pre-charged with a 96W PD charger. During the test, it was found that the fast charging power of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is very close to 27W, and it is in the standby state.

This time, 5W, 18W, 20W, 30W, 96W PD chargers were used to charge the iPhone 13 Pro Max for the whole process. Aside from 5W, the four fast charging curves are very close overall, but compared to the previous generation iPhone 12 Pro Max’s “almost coincidence” is still different.

The charging power of the iPhone 13 Pro Max in the standby state can reach 27W, so it is recommended to use a fast charging head starting at 30W. From being able to charge the iPhone to being able to fast charge the iPhone, it has now reached the third stage, meeting the fast charging power requirements of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Moreover, judging from the many fast charging heads with a power of about 30W evaluated by the charging head network, in addition to supporting 30W fast charging power, some fast charging chargers also support 15V or even 20V high-voltage output gears. For iPhone 13 Pro Max users It can also be upwardly compatible to meet the charging needs of iPads and even notebooks. And some 30W fast charge chargers also support PPS fast charge, which can provide high-power fast charge for some Android models. This is good news for the dual-device party holding iPhone 13 Pro Max and Android.


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