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6.18 Really Happy APP “Super Category Day” launches Pepsi Cola 300ml 12 bottles as low as 19.9 yuan_TOM News

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6.18 Really Happy APP “Super Category Day” launches Pepsi Cola 300ml 12 bottles as low as 19.9 yuan_TOM News

The discounts are strong, and the benefits are endless! This year’s 6.18 mid-year promotion, how many low-cost good things have you bought? Don’t worry if you didn’t catch up with the welfare departure, go to the Gome app today, there are a lot of discounts and surprises waiting for you to choose.

From June 6th to 15th, Gome’s “True Value 6.18” entered the period of its strength, and the True Happy APP ushered in the “Super Value Category Day” theme event, and successively launched 3 major categories of food and beverages, household cleaning and fast-moving consumer goods, clothing, shoes and bags In the special session, well-known brands such as Nestle, Zhang Yiyuan, Yuanqi Forest, Pepsi Cola and Wang Satsun came to help. At that time, more than 10 kinds of discount coupons will be released in 11 categories including food, fresh food, drinks, household daily necessities, beauty and personal care, general health, mother and baby, cute pets, clothing, luggage, and luxury products, allowing consumers to make the best use of their products. Enjoy the summer experience of hearty shopping.

The three major venues work together to help you with shopping allowances, bringing you “food” and “food” benefits

From June 6th to June 9th, the “Super Category Day” theme event of the Happy APP took the lead in welcoming food and beverages, covering the three major venues of food, beverages and fresh food, and launched the “Super Category, IN Goods Guide” special topic, Help everyone to choose easily and buy with confidence!

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At the food venue, the sugar-free Pepsi 300ml 12 bottles are as low as 19.9 yuan, with zero sugar burden, suitable for all ages; Wang Satisfied Yogurt really adds more baked fruit oatmeal 520g for only 31.9 yuan, ready-to-eat breakfast, mother no longer have to worry about your breakfast problems ; 3 bottles of summer black grapes + 3 bottles of cherry blossom white grapes are only 24.9 yuan after using the coupon, bringing cool enjoyment to summer gatherings. There is also a shopping allowance of 30 minus 99 and 70 minus 199, making your purchases more affordable.

At the fresh food venue, the Centennial Fishing Port Spicy Lobster Tail 250g*7 box is only 118 yuan, get 99 discount 30 coupons, the estimated price is only 88 yuan, and there is SF cold chain free shipping, so you can enjoy it in time; Guomei goods rose Long honeydew melon 2 landscape gift boxes (net weight 6 catties+) SF Express coupons are only 86.5 yuan; Peerless Salted Crispy Chicken 200g*5 bags, the price is only 42.75 yuan after receiving the coupons, nutritious and healthy, ready to eat after heating. At the same time, there are also some products with 99 discount 30, to help you enjoy the summer feast.

At the drinking venue, we are slightly drunk in summer, and everyone has a good time together. Gome’s self-operated Fenjiu 53% old white Fen 10 fragrance liquor 475ml, estimated at 183 yuan after using the discount; Gome really chooses Fenjiu Qinghua 20 fragrance liquor 53% 500ml after receiving coupons for only 426 yuan; Gome really chooses Tsingtao Beer Classic 10% , 500ml*24 can only be 99 yuan. More popular direct drop, time-limited spikes and other activities are coming, and there are shopping allowances such as 99% off, 499% off 125%, and 999% off 250% off, allowing you to drink all summer.

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Big-name Happy Gold strength discounts, and the subsidy venue is booming

In addition to high-quality items, the APP also joins hands with many well-known brands to send happy money to consumers, allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits.

Orchid Flowers get 100 off coupons over 199, Chia Tai Foods get 100 off coupons, Nestle gets 130 coupons and get 20 off, Luhua gets 99 coupons and get 30 off, Wufangzhai gets 99 coupons and get 30 off, Gome Zhenxuan coupons are full 99 minus 30, some drinks coupons full 999 minus 259 and many other big-name happy gold waiting for you to receive, and cover three categories of snack food, quality fresh, Chinese and foreign famous wine, fully meet your life needs.

At the same time, in the “Super Value Explosives and Allowance Venue”, the concept of “true value and dare to compare” is still implemented to the end, and the audience will be reduced by 300 yuan. Peach and plum yeast bread mixed with 75g*4 bags, only 22.9 yuan after receiving a 9 yuan coupon; Qi Nong Youshi Shandong Net-patterned melon 2 special packages, only 19.9 yuan after receiving a 12 yuan coupon; Wang Xian Wang Linxia Free-range farm eggs are packed in 40 pieces, and only 28.8 yuan after receiving the coupon. Numerous low-priced popular products have appeared in groups. After receiving the coupons, the discount will be even greater, so that you don’t have to worry about eating, drinking, and having fun, and you can take home the benefits.

The gospel of “difficulty in choosing”, selecting the category trend list allows you to shop easily

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How to choose high-quality and low-cost items in the 6.18 promotion is definitely an esoteric knowledge. In the selection category trend list, the really happy APP will help you select high-quality items intimately, allowing you to buy easily and comfortably, which is definitely the gospel of “difficulty in choosing”.

Topping the list is Mengniu Telunsu milk, which costs only 54.9 yuan for 250ml*16 packs; Gome Zhenxuan Northeast Jilin rice is only 49.9 yuan for 5kg, ranking second; Gome Zhenxuan Zhou Heiya ranks third, with duck neck 180g *2 + duck wings 160g + collarbone 190g four boxes only cost 69.9 yuan, spicy and fragrant, firm meat, absolute must-have summer snacks.

Followed by Gome Zhenxuan Anshi Liuhe Original Beef Ramen 121g*6 barrels for only 49 yuan; Shaanxi Yanliang Melon 5kg for 15.8 yuan; Lake Spicy Crayfish 700g*2 boxes for 65 yuan; 24.9 Yuan’s Fu Qi Yuan grain-fed fresh eggs 20 pieces.

If you want to unlock more high-quality and good products, come to the real happy APP “True Value 6.18”, all in the selection category trend list!

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