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“65 years, creating comfort” Red bean writes high-quality development answer sheet new track to speed up world-class enterprises_China_Men’s_Wuxi

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“65 years, creating comfort” Red bean writes high-quality development answer sheet new track to speed up world-class enterprises_China_Men’s_Wuxi

Original title: “65 years, creating comfort” Red bean writes high-quality development answer sheet new track to speed up world-class enterprises

This is the work of Liu Zheng, the highest prize winner in the 200,000 yuan prize of Hongdou Group in 2002 to find the contemporary Wang Wei poetry competition. Today, the 20 words from 20 years ago continue to interpret the story of the Hongdou Group, a private enterprise whose main business is the production of clothing, creating the Hongdou Qixi Festival, which is “Chinese Valentine’s Day”.

Time is enough to change everything! On August 4th, another year of Chinese Valentine’s Day, the 22nd Hongdou Qixi Festival and the 65th Anniversary Cloud Celebration of Hongdou were held in a low-key and solemn manner in Donggang Town, Xishan District, Wuxi City, where the headquarters of Hongdou is located. Huang Mengfu, Vice Chairman of the Tenth and Eleventh National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, delivered a video speech, Hu Deping, former Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee, Xie Boyang, Counselor of the State Council and the Ninth Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Zhao Jianjun, Mayor of Wuxi City, Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province Gu Wanfeng, Secretary of the Party Group of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Fang Li, Secretary of the Xishan District Committee of Wuxi City, Zhou Haijiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hongdou Group and other guests delivered speeches. Zhu Hongren, Secretary of the Party Committee of China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneurs Association, Sun Ruizhe, President of China National Textile and Apparel Council, Ren Zeping, Vice President of China Private Economy Research Association, Li Shufu, Chairman of Geely Holding Group, Nan Cunhui, Chairman of Chint Group, San Liang Wengen, chairman of Yi Group, and Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi Group, sent congratulatory videos.

The party revolved around the three chapters of “Legendary Red Bean”, “Comfortable Red Bean” and “Hundred Years of Red Bean”. The “65 Years – Creating Comfort” Cloud Celebration reproduced the founding 65 of Red Bean in the form of singing, dancing, recitation, musicals, costume catwalks, etc. Over the past few years, the process of “entrepreneurship, innovation, pioneering and excellence”, and to celebrate the 22nd “Red Bean Qixi Festival”. Netizens watched the live broadcast of the party online through many media platforms including China Economic Net, and won 16 cash prizes of 4,999 yuan through interactive lottery.

Legendary Red Beans: From Handicraft Workshop to National Brand

Today, Qixi Festival has long been a household name. We are getting more and more familiar with Qixi Festival, and we are looking forward to Qixi Festival more and more. On that night, many people’s circle of friends overwhelmed the events of the Qixi Festival. A passage from a foreign company’s white-collar Siyu described the changes in the cultural life of ordinary people over the past 20 years:

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“On the Qixi Festival in 2022, friends from far away in the United States sent greetings: Happy Qixi Festival! And I, before my business trip, placed an online order for red bean comfortable men’s clothing as a Qixi gift for my lover… Thinking about 2.14 Valentine’s Day when I was young , My lover and I eat KFC family buckets for the festival. And on the Qixi Festival in 2022, we will send Qixi gifts, and the family of three will eat hot pot and drink tea together!”

Red beans, which have been deeply cultivating the “Qixi Festival” culture for many years, have silently changed many people’s consumption and cultural life, and it reflects the secret of development behind it.

And Zhou Haijiang’s speech at the cloud ceremony allowed the guests and netizens to have a deeper understanding of the development of the Red Bean Group.

Zhou Haijiang fondly recalled the road that Hongdou has traveled in the past 65 years. While grateful for the support from all walks of life, he deciphered the secret of the success of Hongdou’s 65-year development: always “listen to the party’s words, follow the party, take the right path, and take the road”, and build a strong party with the party. Promote the development of enterprises, aim at the “three selfs and six modernizations”, seize the six development opportunities, promote the evolution and upgrading of enterprises, and achieve high-quality development in an all-round way.

65 years ago, Hongdou was just a small handicraft workshop composed of three cotton craftsmen in Wuxi Gangxiaxiang. The equipment was simple, the products were simple, and they survived. Over the past 65 years, Hongdou has adhered to the “440,000” spirit, adhered to the development concept of advancing with the times, boldly reformed and innovated, and continued to deepen the market. Today, Hongdou has 100,000 employees at home and abroad, more than 10 subsidiaries, two industrial parks, two companies listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and three well-known trademarks. The total sales volume has ranked among the top 500 private enterprises in China for many years.

Huang Mengfu said in the video speech: “A well-known statistics shows that the lifespan of Chinese private enterprises is 5 to 7 years, but the Hongdou Group has been prosperous for 65 years. One of the most important successful experiences is that the leaders of the three generations of Hongdou party members insisted The leadership of the party, adhere to the reform and opening up. At the same time, Hongdou Group is a model of insisting on being an industry and adhering to the famous brand strategy. This spirit of innovation and excellence is the soul of enterprise development. “

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“Over the past 65 years, Hongdou Group has handed over an entrepreneurial answer sheet that has been passed down from generation to generation and continued to struggle, an open answer sheet for outward development and breakthroughs, a party building answer sheet that closely follows the party’s path and strives for excellence, and a service A public welfare answer sheet that benefits the society and the homeland.” That night, Wuxi Mayor Zhao Jianjun affirmed the achievements of Wuxi Hongdou Group over the years.

(The square box gin in the early days of the founding of red beans)

Comfortable Red Beans: 65 Years of Comfortable Life

At the party, China‘s No. 1 male model, Hu Bing, walked the catwalk passionately and performed a comfortable blockbuster of red bean men’s clothing; the scene was switched between the venue and the live broadcast room. It is reported that on November 29, 2021, Hongdou will join hands with “Lie’er Baby” to live broadcast comfortable men’s clothing, breaking a new record of 20 million live broadcasts for men’s clothing.

65 years, creating comfort. Whether it’s the “Nurse Shirt” that swept the country in the 1990s, or the “Red Bean Velvet Soft Underwear” that has sold 100 million pieces since 2014, generations of Hongdou people are committed to providing people with comfortable products and services for a better life. Comfort” creates a better life for the Chinese people.

“Hongdou started in 1957, 65 years for comfort, and 128 patents are more comfortable.” This year, Hongdou pioneered a new “comfortable” track in the industry, and made every effort to promote the high-end transformation of the brand. Self-confidence shows China‘s self-confidence and promotes the light of Chinese brands. On the evening of July 28th, in the 22nd “Tanabata Pink Season” of Hongdou, Hongdou men’s clothing set a GMV of 5 million yuan in 6 minutes and a GMV of 10 million yuan in 3 hours. In the era of the gradual rise of domestic products, red beans seized the opportunity, and behind this is the deep cultivation and persistence of “comfort” for decades.

Taking it as its responsibility to lead the comfortable development of Chinese men’s clothing, at the meeting, Hongdou Group, China National Garment Association and China Textile Construction and Planning Institute jointly initiated the establishment of the “New Clothing Consumption (Comfort Men’s Wear) Research Center”, which will focus on comfort in the next three years. The research work on men’s wear consumers will promote the innovative practice of men’s wear brands on the comfortable new track, and promote the upgrading and development of China‘s men’s wear category. The release of “Innovative Development Trends of China‘s Comfortable Men’s Wear Industry” marks that red bean men’s clothing has become a new engine for the high-quality development of the industry. At the meeting, Zhou Qi, the full-time vice president of the China National Garment Association, awarded Hongdou the “Red Bean Men’s Comfortable Men’s Wear Track Pioneer” award.

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Centennial Red Bean: Building a “World-Class Enterprise”

The 65 years of Hongdou’s development is the 65 years of “listening to the party’s words and repaying the party’s kindness”. Three generations of Hongdou people have worked hard and struggled to walk out of a development history of enterprise reform and opening up, and out of a story of creating a comfortable life for the Chinese people. The history of struggle, out of a “red bean” brand road all over the world.

Taking 65 years as a new starting point for the century-old journey, Hongdou Group blew the horn of full-strength progress, and continued to move forward on the journey to a century-old enterprise and a world-class enterprise.

Zhou Haijiang introduced that by promoting social development through corporate development, Hongdou Group has always practiced the concept of “win-win for all parties” and continuously increased social feedback. Helping the disadvantaged groups and caring for the centenarians, the accumulated external donations and donations exceeded 580 million yuan. The Cambodian Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone, which is leading the construction, has become an overseas investment and trade platform for Chinese enterprises to “invest in ASEAN and radiate to the world“, and has become a model on the “Belt and Road”.

From a small workshop that produces cotton batts and brooms, to a multinational enterprise that advocates “win-win for all parties”, Hongdou has established itself in Wuxi and has a global perspective with an open and inclusive attitude. Taking 65 years as the starting point, Hongdou has made great strides on the grand journey towards a century-old enterprise.

“Be down-to-earth and make craftsmanship earnestly.” “One stitch, one thread by one, turn all the imaginations about love into comfortable and intimate companions, so that love is in the Qixi Festival, and comfort is in the morning and evening!”… That night, the young people who grew up with the Hongdou Group spoke out and expressed the surging power of the 65-year-old Hongdou Group’s continuous growth. (China Economic Net reporter Su Lan)Return to Sohu, see more

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