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Title: Premier Li Keqiang Emphasizes Central Finance Commission’s Fourth Meeting to Drive Large-scale Equipment Updates and Consumption Upgrades

On February 23, the Central Finance Commission held its fourth meeting, with Premier Li Keqiang highlighting the importance of accelerating large-scale equipment updates and consumption upgrades to drive high-quality economic development. The meeting focused on effectively reducing the overall social logistics costs and enhancing industrial core competitiveness to improve economic efficiency.

The meeting was attended by the Politburo Standing Committee, State Council General Secretary, and the Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission. The Central Political Bureau, State Council Vice Premier, and the deputy head of the Central Finance Commission also participated in the discussions.

The conference emphasized the implementation of large-scale equipment updates and consumption upgrades to promote investment and consumption, benefiting both the short-term and long-term economic progress. Premier Li stressed the importance of promoting advanced production capabilities, increasing high-quality employment opportunities, integrating old resources into new cycles, and significantly enhancing the national economy’s circular quality and level.

Furthermore, the meeting highlighted the need to push for updates and technological advancements in manufacturing and service equipment, promoting traditional consumer goods like automobiles and home appliances to drive consumption upgrades. Additionally, it emphasized promoting large-scale recycling and strengthening the recycling system, as well as enhancing the overall efficiency of the circular economy.

To achieve these goals, the conference emphasized the need to reduce the overall social logistics costs, focusing on optimizing transportation structures, enhancing public transportation systems, and improving comprehensive transportation networks to develop a competitive and efficient market for goods and services.

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The Central Finance Commission members concluded the meeting, with relevant central and state departments responsible for implementing the resolutions.

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