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A number of distributors broke the news: Wuliangye wants to increase prices, industry: shorten the gap with Maotai_红星_price_新闻

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Original title: Several distributors broke the news: Wuliangye wants to increase prices. Industry: Shorten the gap with Maotai

On December 1st, the Red Star Capital Bureau received a number of Wuliangye(000858.SZ)The dealer was informed that the 52-degree eighth-generation Wuliangye is planning a price increase plan. According to reports, the price increase news may be announced at the Wuliangye dealer conference on December 18 this year.

In this regard, a staff member of Wuliangye Group said in an interview with the Red Star Capital Bureau that he has not received an official notification. However, an industry insider familiar with Wuliangye told the Red Star Capital Bureau that “the information provided by dealers should be inseparable.”

In the secondary market, as of the close of trading on December 1, WuliangyeUp by 1.17%,Reported at 220.56 yuan per share, with a total market value of 856.1 billion yuan.

November 13, 2021, Hema Fresh Supermarket, Chaoyang Road, Beijing, Wuliangye Eighth Generation Liquor 52% Liquor Sales Area.According to Vision China

Distributors: 52 degrees eighth generation Wuliangye will increase prices by 9%

On December 1, Ms. Deng, a distributor of Wuliangye Chengdu, told the Red Star Capital Bureau that she had already heard about the 52-degree eighth generation Wuliangye price increase plan from a staff member in charge of the Chengdu area of ​​Wuliangye.

The specific news it heard was:The unplanned price is increased from 999 yuan/bottle to 1,089 yuan/bottle, the planned price is 889 yuan/bottle unchanged, and the contract volume inside and outside the plan is 3:2. This also means that52 degreesThe ex-factory price of the eighth generation Wuliangye will increase from 889 yuan/bottle to 969 yuan/bottle, a 9% increase in price.

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“I haven’t received a formal notice from the company, so I am not very clear on how to implement it.”Ms. Deng, who has been a Wuliangye distributor for two years, is the first time to encounter market news about Wuliangye’s price increase, but she saidEven if the price is raised, it will not have a big impact on her. “Even if the price goes up a little, the market consumer demand is still very large, and it will not have much impact on our business.”

Ms. Deng believes that the price increase may have a greater impact on some small dealers. “Big dealers and small dealers must have different prices when they get the goods, and the availability of goods is another matter.”

Another Wuliangye distributor, Mr. He, told the Red Star Capital Bureau that the last time Wuliangye raised prices was in 2019. “In recent years, Xijiu, Langjiu, Diaoyutai, Shuijingfang, etc. have all increased their prices, so the price increase of Wuliangye is normal.”

Mr. He said that in fact, as early as July this year, he heard the news of the price increase. According to his disclosure, the current market retail price of 52 Degree Eighth Generation Wuliangye is 1,399 yuan/bottle, the group purchase price is 1,199 yuan/bottle, and the wholesale price is 1,050 yuan/bottle.

A Wuliangye dealer in Henan also confirmed that news of the price increase had already spread among dealers. “In July of this year, some staff members of Wuliangye have already reported the above news. It is said that the price increase policy is expected to be announced at the Wuliangye Dealers Conference on December 18 this year and will be implemented next year.”

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In addition to the 52 degree eighth generation Wuliangye,Other products of WuliangyeWill it also raise prices? In this regard, the above-mentioned distributor stated that it has not been notified yet.

Why the price increase?Experts said that “core large single products are rigidly demanded”

It is understood that the 52-degree eighth-generation Wuliangye2019 yearOfficially launched, the ex-factory price is set at 889 yuan/bottle.

Regarding the market news about product price increases, a staff member of Wuliangye Group told the Red Star Capital Bureau that he has not received a formal notification, “Our company has no official news.”

However, industry insiders familiar with Wuliangye believe that the content of the dealer’s revelations should be basically true.

Liquor analyst Cai Xuefei analyzed to the Red Star Capital Bureau: “First of all, Wuliangye has been promoting the upgrading of its product structure, which inevitably needs to upgrade the price of products that dominate the high-end image; secondly, the brand value of Wuliangye has been demonstrated in the era of famous wines, after all, it is For Moutai, the increase in brand value also requires the corresponding product price to rise. Then, the price increase is the inevitable result.”

Ouyang Qianli, a researcher in the beverage industry, believes that in the market where a cheap bottle of Moutai (Flying Moutai) is hard to find, the actual transaction price of Moutai far exceeds 2,000 yuan (Note: The channel price on November 30 was 2,600 yuan per bottle. The whole piece is 3300 yuan/bottle), completely breaking the price “ceiling” of high-end wines.

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“Out of stock is the best marketing, and price increase is the best promotion. Wuliangye’s price increase not only effectively increases revenue and profits, but also enables channel vendors to have stronger confidence and more profits.” In Ouyang Qianli’s view, “Under the background that Moutai cannot easily raise prices, Wuliangye is expected to grasp the initiative of leading wine companies through price increases. “Wuliangye needs to raise prices to shorten the gap with Moutai. “

Regarding the question of whether Wuliangye’s other series of products will increase prices, Cai Xuefei believes that it is currently the peak season for alcohol sales. Other series of products may need to be shipped during the peak season to expand sales. The price increase may not be conducive to product sales. Strong demand, strong channel bargaining power, and higher consumer acceptance, other series of wines do not have this advantage.”

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