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A school of peace in Borgomanero against injustices: “Walls and aggression in our city”

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A “school of peace” in Borgomanero. The proposal is launched by Mario Metti, head of Mamre and promoter of many solidarity initiatives in the area. Metti launches the proposal to the whole city, asks to transform the idea into a project and for this reason many adhesions are expected. The venue, but all options are open, could be in Piazza XXV Aprile, in the former nursery school now closed for two years, but other spaces could also be found.

Why propose to set up a school of peace? «Let’s take a look around – Metti answers -, let’s try to read together what happens near and far from us, let’s commit ourselves to wanting to know the true face of this world: we find ourselves in front of many walls. The wall of politics between representatives and representatives, politics of the “caste” and active participation questions us about the very meaning of politics. The wall of the economy between guaranteed and precarious, with the gap between rich and poor that is widening more and more. The wall of misunderstanding between those born in the area and immigrants. The wall of prevarication between the claims of unlimited growth and the rights of nature ».

Metti adds that there is no need to go far to find these walls: “Even in our city the number of people in profound economic difficulty has increased a lot, as have those who now have a totally precarious job, but behaviors are also growing aggressive, a problem that, for example, involves the very young in a worrying way. All issues that would be addressed by starting the school of peace which is instead based on respect for people “. Then break a spear against military spending, which should instead be used to help those in need. The phenomena of bullying and gender-based violence are there for all to see, and attitudes of violence and prevarication are increasingly widespread. Hence the need to create a school of peace in Borgomanero as well.

“These schools present in many countries help children and their families to fill the void that is gripping them with what is really important and fundamental in life: respect for everyone, the value of meeting the other person, beauty of knowing each other, aware there is a life that we must reweave together by rediscovering the importance of dedicating our lives to each other because we are important and we have knowledge and wisdom to share. What do you think? – asks Metti to the Borgomaneresi – Can we transform this idea into a project? Who is there? Write me”. –

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