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A-Share Market Evening News: The market is split!In the Ningde era, Maotai rose sharply and reached new heights, but turned around and fell sharply

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Have a look before going to bed!Oriental wealthThe net sorted out heavy news in the evening, hot sector news and listingsCompany AnnouncementAnd other information for investors’ reference.

  The number of A stock market today

The three major A-share indices fluctuated and arranged: resource stocks rose sharply, and the liquor sector plummeted. Northbound funds sold 8 billion net

October 18,Shanghai IndexOpen low and go low, the weakness in the intraday fluctuated downward, and the rebound near the end of the trading session pulled up and was close to turning red; the Shenzhen Component Index also fluctuated lower, and the intraday drop was over 1%, and the drop narrowed in the afternoon;Growth Enterprise Market IndexAfter opening slightly higher, it quickly dropped. It also fell more than 1% during the session and turned red in late trading. The trend of the two cities diverged, and the winemaking sector fell sharply.food and drink, Pharmaceuticals, semiconductors and other sectors fell; coal, power, gas and other resource stocks rose strongly; the turnover of the two cities exceeded one trillion yuan, and the net sales of northbound funds exceeded 8 billion yuan.

Coal stocks batch daily limit!Many shares rose more than 100% this year

After the general cooling off across the country over the weekend, on October 18, individual stocks in the coal-related sector ushered in a surge. According to the data, as of today’s close, mining ranked first among 28 Shenwan first-tier industries with a 5.02% increase. Concept stocks such as coal mining and wind power led the rise, and constituent stocks rose by batches.In terms of futures market, thermal coal and coke futuresMain forceThe daily limit of the contract, which together with the main coking coal futures contract, set a new record high.

The market is split!Cyclical stocks have strong firepower in the Ningde era, soaring and reaching new heights, but Moutai turned and fell sharply

In terms of sectors, coal and electricity related performances were strong, drivingExtractive industry, Coal chemical industry, green power, pumped storage and other related sectors have strengthened. In addition,Non-ferrous metals, Genetically modified,Fertilizer industry, Aquaculture has increased significantly, new energy has performed strongly, wind energy,Solar energy, Lithium battery and other sectors have soared gains, of whichNingde eraContinue to rise sharply, and the stock price is approaching 600 yuan.The consumer sector suffered a heavy setback, among whichWine industryA sharp drop, “Big Wine One”Kweichow MoutaiFell 6.1%.

Dragon and Tiger List: 300 million yuan to raise Dabeinong’s foreign capital to buy 5 shares net and institutions buy 18 shares net

October 18th, on the listLonghubangIn individual stocks, fundsNet inflowThe most isDabeinong, Is 301 million yuan. The data shows that the stock’s daily limit closes, and the turnover rate is 7.92% throughout the day. Specifically,Shenzhen Stock ConnectThe net purchase was 90,236,300 yuan. Institutions’ participation in the Dragon and Tiger List involves a total of 31 shares, of which 18 shares were bought by institutions.TianyishangjiaIt was bought the most, with a net inflow of 238 million yuan on the 3rd. The other 13 shares were net sold by institutions,Jiangte MotorThe most sold was 140 million yuan.

92 daily limit stocks in the resumption: coal daily limit tide Haohua Energy 2-connected board

Today (October 18) the three major indexes rebounded in the afternoon, and the CSI 1000 index rose by more than 1%.SSE 50The index still fell nearly 2%, agricultural stocks moved up, and the turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets returned to the trillion yuan mark. On the disk, coal mining, phosphorus chemical, oil and gas, carbon fiber and other sectors were among the top gainers, and liquor, super brands, food processing, and medical sectors were among the top decliners. Today, there are a total of 92 stocks’ daily limit, an increase of 46 shares from the 46-share daily limit of the previous trading day. Among Shenwan’s 28 first-level industries, mining and non-ferrous metals led the gains in the two cities.

ChiNext stocks rose in late trading

On October 18, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index closed at 3568.14 points, down 0.12%;Shenzhen Component IndexIt closed at 14350.02 points, down 0.46%; the ChiNext index closed at 3276.48 points, up 0.00%.Oriental wealthChoice dataShows that today, 20 stocks’ intraday stock prices hit record highs, includingNingde eraJianlong Micro-NaWait.Data show that today, 36 stocks’ intraday stock prices hit a record low, includingCape TestingWait.

Evening blockbuster news

The Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China will be held

On October 18, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting to study and summarize the major achievements and historical experience of the party’s centuries of struggle. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, presided over the meeting. The meeting decided that the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China will be held in Beijing from November 8th to 11th.

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The State Council: Allowing the opening of domestic Internet virtual private network services to foreign capital in Beijing (the ratio of foreign capital shall not exceed 50%)

The State Council approved the temporary adjustment and implementation of relevant administrative regulations and departmental rules and regulations approved by the State Council in Beijing, includingZhongguancunHaidian Park, National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, cancelledInformation serviceBusiness (app store only) restrictions on foreign equity ratio.Open the domestic Internet virtual private network business to foreign investors (the proportion of foreign shares does not exceed 50%), attracting overseasTelecom operationsThrough the establishment of a joint venture company, the business provides domestic Internet virtual private network services for foreign-invested enterprises in Beijing.

Special Commissioner of the Ministry of Commerce Jia Shuying went to Shenyang to investigate the situation of power cuts

On October 14-15, Commissioner Jia Shuying went to ShenyangResearchThe impact of power cuts on local enterprises and business development. We visited CJ, Mengniu, Liuhe and other affected enterprises on the spot, and had discussions with relevant departments and enterprises respectively to understand the local response measures, and listen to the difficulties of the enterprises and their opinions and suggestions.

Zhang Heng was fined 32.27 million yuan by the taxation department according to law

On the 18th, the taxation department announced the results of the punishment of Zhang Heng.The tax department’s inspection found that Zhang Heng, as the agent of Zheng Shuang’s participation in the “A Chinese Ghost Story” project, planned and operated the agreed paymentcontractThe split and the establishment of a “cover company” helped Zheng Shuang avoid paying his tax obligations. Zhang Heng was fined 32.27 million yuan for helping Zheng Shuang to evade tax by covering up the “extraordinary salary” through illegal acts.

Cross-border financial management officially set sail!The release of the first batch of pilot banks will focus on low- and medium-risk stock products

In the evening of October 18th, the peopleBankThe official website of the Shenzhen Zhongzhi branch announced the completion of the filing of the “cross-borderFinancial managementThe first batch of pilotsBankList.According to the disclosure, the first batch of 20 companies in ShenzhenBankApproved to participate in “Cross-border Wealth Management”, including the Shenzhen branch of the six major state-owned banks, the Shenzhen branch of China Merchants Bank, Ping An, Guangfa, Pudong Development, Minsheng, Industrial, and CITIC, as well as East Asia, Dah Sing, Hang Seng, and HSBC Shenzhen branch or local branch of 7 foreign-invested banks of China Southern Commercial Bank, DBS, Standard Chartered.

China Steel Association: Crude steel output in the fourth quarter needs to be further reduced

In the first three quarters of this year, domestic crude steel output was still higher than the same period last year. In order to achieve the goal of a year-on-year decline in output for the whole year, it is necessary to continue to compress crude steel output in the fourth quarter. October 18,China SteelWang Yingsheng, chief economist of the Industry Association, said when attending the Ouyeel summit that the crude steel output in the fourth quarter needs to be further reduced if the crude steel output does not increase throughout the year.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently interviewed 7 new energy vehicle companies with violations in 2020

In order to standardize the development of the new energy vehicle industry, improve the level of production consistency, and ensure product quality and safety, the Equipment Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently interviewed 7 new energy vehicle manufacturers that have violations in the supervision and inspection of new energy vehicles in 2020 Enterprises issued a notice of ordering rectification, requiring relevant enterprises to earnestly perform their main responsibilities, carefully analyze the causes of problems, and strictly follow the access management requirements, and there are problems in rectification within a time limit.

The first batch of MSCI China A50ETF has been approved by 4 funds as early adopters!

The MSCI China A50 Connectivity Index futures contract was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on the morning of October 18.There just came heavy news fromChina Asset ManagementE FundChina Universal FundSouthern FundThe first batch of MSCI China A50 interconnectionETFOfficially approved, it has become another future-to-current product.

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Hot sector stocks

Power resources return to commodity attributes!The rising trend of electricity prices clarifies these targets or value reshaping

  Tianfeng SecuritiesIt was mentioned that Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Anhui, Shandong and other places have previously issued notices on the adjustment of electricity prices in the context of the sharp rise in coal prices. China’s power market reform has continued to advance. In the first eight months of this year, the power trading centers have organized and completed a total of 2,395.8 billion kilowatt-hours of market transaction electricity, a year-on-year increase of 23.3%. In the future, power resources will better return to commodity attributes, the rising trend of power prices is clear, and the value of power operators will be reshaped.

Seed stocks performed well! What is the potential market space in the future for the concept of cultivating diamonds?

  The Pacific OceanSecurities pointed out that the attention of the cultivated diamond sector continues to rise, and the three quarterly reports of the remaining companies are worth looking forward to. At present, the penetration rate of cultivated diamonds is still very low. In the future, with the optimization of cultivation technology and the change of millennial consumption concepts, we are optimistic about its future development trend. The average annual market size of natural diamonds is 12-13 billion US dollars, and the future cultivated diamonds The potential market space is expected to reach about 80 billion yuan.

The resource stocks have risen to the limit again! Are coal, electricity, gas, and non-ferrous labels worth pursuing?

Guosheng Securities believes that the essence of the current cycle of the market is due to the rigidity of the demand for traditional industry products during the energy transition process, which leads to a sharp increase in prices when demand expansion meets supply constraints. We believe that the cycle is itself the change in investor perceptions. At present, the market’s acceptance of a substantial increase in the coal price center is gradually increasing.Coal industryIt is in the stage of being gradually explored by investors, and valuation restoration has already begun.

The theme strategy of the eight major brokers: the electricity price mechanism ushered in a fundamental change!The list of core leaders in coal power industry is here

  West China SecuritiesSaid that in the medium and long term, wind power is one of the energy alternatives to achieve “carbon neutrality”, and continues to be optimistic about the installed capacity and development space of the wind power industry. In the short term, after the onshore wind flat price, both the installed capacity and the bidding volume have increased significantly year-on-year, and the large-scale trend has promoted the reduction of costs, the increase of scale and the increase of industry concentration. The current wind power sector has a lower valuation than the photovoltaic sector and has configuration value.

Featured Listed Company Announcements

  Hebang Bio: Intended to participate in the construction of 10GW ultra-efficient single crystalSolar energyWafer Project

  Hebang Bio(603077) On the evening of October 18, it was announced that Sichuan Wujun Solar Energy Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the company, intends to jointly invest in the establishment of Anhui Fuxing Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. with Tong Xingxue, Hainan Ren’ai Cultural Center, and Tianjin Haoding New Energy Partnership. In order to produce silicon wafers for photovoltaic power generation, the total investment is 3 billion yuan.Fuxing Technology intends to invest in 10GW ultra-efficient monocrystallineSolar energyThe silicon wafer project has a total investment of 3 billion yuan. The production mode of the project is mainly to use high-purity solar-grade silicon materials to produce silicon wafers through crystal growth and slicing processes.

  Tianfu Energy: The phased adjustment plan for industrial electricity prices is expected to increase the electricity bill income from August to December by 200 million yuan

  Tianfu Energy(600509) Announced on the evening of October 18 that the two-part electricity price (electricity fee + basic electricity fee) will be implemented in phases for power users who have implemented the “one company, one price” large industrial one-part tariff for the division city from August 1st. ). That is, users with a transformer capacity of 315 kVA (kVA) or more will be charged a basic electricity fee of 23 yuan/kVA·month or a maximum demand of 30 yuan/kW·month, which is expected to increase the company’s electricity bill income from August to December. 208 million yuan.

  Nongfa Seed Industry: Plan to acquire 52% equity of Gansu Xingda

  Nongfa Seed Industry(600313) announced on the evening of October 18 that it intends to use its own funds of RMB 15.131 million to acquire 52% of Gansu Xingda Seed Industry Co., Ltd.; after the completion of this transaction, Gansu Xingda will become the company’s holding subsidiary. After the completion of this acquisition, the company’s corn seed supply capacity and asset utilization rate can be improved, and the quality and cost of the corn seed business can be improved, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of the corn seed business; at the same time, it can undertake and effectively implement the strategic tasks and corresponding national-level seed production bases. Financial support projects.

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  Jinko Technology: Cooperate with relevant government departments in many places to promote distributed photovoltaic power station projects

  Jinko Technology(601778) An announcement on the evening of October 18th, recently signed a cooperation framework agreement with relevant government departments in many places to promote the development of the entire county rooftop distributed photovoltaic development pilot work to jointly promote the development of residential rooftop distributed photovoltaic power station projects, and it is expected to build distributed photovoltaics The total installed capacity of the power station project is approximately 2016 MW.

  Lianchuang Electronics: It is planned to invest in the establishment of a project company to implement the in-vehicle optical industrial park project

  Lianchuang Electronics(002036) In the evening of October 18, an announcement was made to jointly fund the establishment of a project company with the designated main body of the Hefei High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee to implement the vehicle optical industrial park project. It is planned to reach production before the end of 2025 and form 50 million vehicle lenses R&D and production capacity of 100 million in-vehicle imaging modules. The company intends to invest a total of 1.02 billion yuan in intangible assets (including but not limited to patents, proprietary technologies, etc.) and cash. The designated subject of the Hefei High-tech Management Committee will invest 980 million yuan in cash to jointly establish the project company Hefei Lianchuang Optics Co., Ltd. Company (tentative name).

  Pure technology: Subsidiary Zhiwei Technology intends to introduce a largefundThe second phase of the war vote

  Pure technology(603690) On the evening of October 18, it was announced that the subsidiary Zhiwei Technology intends to introduce strategic investors through capital increase and share expansion and carry out someEquity transfer, This time Yuanzhi Xinghuo, the second phase of the large fund, the mixed reform fund, the SMIC Juyuan, and the Shanghai Equipment Materials Fund, etc., have increased the total capital of Xiangzhiwei Technology by 420 million yuan.

  Three six zero: Plans to invest 2.9 billion yuan in Nezha Motors

  Three six zero(601360) announced on the evening of October 18 that it intends to invest 2.9 billion yuan in its own funds to invest in Hezhong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. (Nezha Automobile). After this investment is completed, the company will indirectly hold Nezha Automobile 16.594 % Equity, which together becomes the second largest in Nezha Autoshareholder

  COSCO SHIPPING: The controlling shareholder intends to increase its holdings of 1 billion to 2 billion company shares

  COSCO SHIPPING(601919) announced on the evening of October 18 that the company’s controlling shareholder COSCO SHIPPING Group increased its holdings of 7.9 million A shares of the company on the same day. COSCO SHIPPING Group or its subsidiaries will select an opportunity to implement a shareholding increase plan within 6 months based on the company’s stock price fluctuations and the overall trend of the capital market. The total amount of the company’s shares to be increased shall not be less than 1 billion yuan and no more than 20 100 million yuan (including increased shares held this time).

  Ningde eraReply to the inquiry letter: The company does not have excessive financing

Ningde Times (300750) responded to the inquiry letter on the evening of October 18, considering the company’s new battery capacity construction and implementation process, which requires a long cycle, so it needs to be forward-looking. Since 2020 alone, the company’s proposed new investment in battery production base project construction capital needs will reach about 110 billion yuan.

  Muyuan shares: It plans to raise funds from controlling shareholders not to exceed 6 billion yuan, and the third quarter loss exceeds 800 million yuan

  Muyuan shares(002714) On the evening of October 18th, the company announced that the total amount of funds raised by the company’s non-public offering to the controlling shareholder Muyuan Group will not exceed 6 billion yuan, which will all be used to supplement current funds after deducting issuance costs. In addition, the company’s operating income in the third quarter was 14.744 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 43.71%; a net profit loss of 822 million yuan, a turnaround year-on-year.

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