Home Business A-share market evening news: track stocks are misfired!The ChiNext Index fell nearly 4% in a week, and pharmaceutical stocks bucked the market and rose sharply – yqqlm

A-share market evening news: track stocks are misfired!The ChiNext Index fell nearly 4% in a week, and pharmaceutical stocks bucked the market and rose sharply – yqqlm

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Check it out before bed!Eastern FortuneThe network combed the evening news, hot sector news and listingCompany Announcementand other information for investors’ reference.

  Counting the situation of A-share market today

The three major A-share indexes closed down: ChiNext fell 1.55%, pharmaceutical stocks rose against the market

On March 4, the three major A-share indices fluctuated weakly. As of the close,Shanghai Indexdown 0.96%,Shenzhen Component Indexdown 1.37%,GEM refers tofell 1.55%. on the plate,Pharmaceutical businessthe concept of assisted reproduction surged against the market, cloudgameChemical and pharmaceuticaleducateThe oil sector fell sharply, and the port shipping, natural gas, cultivated diamonds, building decoration and other sectors led the decline. Individual stocks fell more and rose less, and more than 3,500 individual stocks were green.

The three-child concept staged the most popular three directions

Many of the sectors that have moved up in intraday trading today are related to the “two sessions”.educateThe plate rose sharply, and the concept of the metaverse rose in the afternoon. at the same time,Pharmaceutical businessThe plate was strong throughout the day. On the downside, oil and gas, which rose sharply yesterday,gasports and other sectors were among the top losers today, and short-term high stocks collectively ebb, and over 20 stocks in the two cities fell by the limit or by more than 10%.

The track stocks misfired, the ChiNext Index fell nearly 4% in a week!Global attention to Ukraine nuclear power plant

From the perspective of the disk, the coal, agriculture, and consumption sectors led the gains. The metal, energy equipment, port shipping, oil and gas sectors, which had previously risen sharply due to the impact of the geopolitical situation, fell back, and the concept of new crown medicine also weakened in the afternoon. Safe-haven assets fell, led by oil exploration and services sectors, while natural gas, base metals,precious metal, port shipping and other sectors have fallen. Among stocks,Hengtai Aipufell more than 13%,Tongyuan Petroleumfell more than 12%,Ningbo Fubondown,Zhongtai Co., Ltd.Port of Nanjingfell more than 7%,Western Goldfell more than 6%.

Dragon Tiger List: 90 million rush to raise Mosaic Culture, foreign capital buys 1 share, institutions buy 6 shares

March 4, on the listDragon Tiger ListIn stocks, fundsnet inflowthe mostLegacy Culture, for 89.9979 million yuan. Data show that the stock closed at the daily limit, and the turnover rate throughout the day was 13.11%. Huaxin Shanghai Branch, which has the highest net inflow of funds, has a net purchase of 51.0865 million yuan. Institutions participated in a total of 21 stocks in the Dragon Tiger List, of which 6 were net bought by institutions.Pudong Golden BridgeIt was bought the most, with a net purchase of 34.4301 million yuan in three days. Another 15 shares were net sold by institutions,ThundersoftThe most sold was 245 million yuan.

Re-listing 62 daily limit: Snowman shares broken, China Pharmaceutical 3 board, Ningbo Energy Giant Yin

Today (March 4), the three major indexes fell. The ChiNext refers to the daily 4 consecutive yin, and the turnover between the two cities was 1,006.3 billion, a decrease of 3.8 billion compared with the previous trading day. on the plate,Pharmaceutical businessassisted reproduction, virtual digital human,educate, three-child concept and other sectors were the top gainers, while oil and gas exploration, natural gas, industrial metals, underground pipeline networks and other sectors led the decline. A total of 62 shares had the daily limit today, a decrease of 29 shares from the 91 daily limit of the previous trading day. Among the first-class industries in Shenwan, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery,beauty careLeading the gains in both cities.

The ChiNext refers to the 4th Lianyin Hope Hope Electric, Changjiang Electric Power and other 6 intraday share prices hitting record highs

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On March 4, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3447.65 points, down 0.96%; the Shenzhen Component Index closed at 13020.46 points, down 1.37%; the ChiNext Index closed at 2748.64 points, down 1.55%.Eastern FortuneChoice dataIt shows that there are 6 stocks that have hit record highs in intraday price today, includingHopewind ElectricYangtze PowerWait.Data shows that 23 stocks hit record lows in intraday trading today, includingAnker InnovationWait.

Evening news

Nine Departments: Implementing “Science and Technology Aid to Youth” to Build a World-Class Salt Lake Industrial Base

The Ministry of Science and Technology and other nine departments issued a notice on the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Implementation Plan of East-West Science and Technology Cooperation”, which proposed to build a world-class salt lake industrial base. Deepen the cooperation between Qinghai and Tianjin, Shandong, Anhui, Chongqing and other provinces and cities, improve the upstream and downstream collaborative innovation mechanism of the salt lake industry, improve the high-value development and utilization technology and industrialization level of salt lake potassium, magnesium, lithium and other resources, and enhance the innovation and development of salt lake chemical enterprises capacity, promote the construction of digital salt lakes and smart salt lakes, accelerate the development of Haixi Salt Lake Chemical Industry’s characteristic circular economy and innovative industrial clusters, and enhance the competitiveness of the salt lake industry.

Central Bank: City-specific policies to promote a virtuous circle and healthy development of the real estate industry

March 1, the peopleBankA video conference on financial market work in 2022 will be held. The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to adhere to the positioning that houses are for living in, not for speculation, prudently implement the prudent management system for real estate finance, increase financial support for housing leasing, and implement city-specific policies to promote a virtuous circle and healthy development of the real estate industry. It is necessary to continue to promote and improve the financial support technology innovation system, and enhance the ability of financial institutions to serve the manufacturing industry. It is necessary to correctly understand and grasp the carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and promote the carbon emission reduction support tools and the special refinancing for the clean and efficient utilization of coal to achieve practical results.

Rare Earth Office interviews key companies on rare earth product prices

On March 3, the rare earth office interviewrare earth in Chinagroup,Northern Rare Earthgroup,Shenghe ResourcesCompany and other key rare earth enterprises. The meeting demanded that relevant enterprises should effectively enhance their awareness of the overall situation and responsibility, correctly grasp the relationship between the current and the long-term, upstream and downstream, and ensure the safety and stability of the industrial chain and supply chain; it is necessary to strengthen industry self-discipline and further regulate the production and operation of enterprises, product transactions and trade circulation. Other behaviors, shall not participate in market speculation and hoarding.

The regulators have paid close attention to the trading risks of publicly offered REITs and taken measures

The regulatory authorities have paid close attention to the trading risks of publicly offered REITs, and have taken a series of measures to stabilize the prices of REITs and guide rational investment while providing market risk warnings. According to REITsfundThe administrator disclosed that the current supervision has required the administrator to pay full attention to external transactions and public opinion information, in response to the large price fluctuations and the existence of external market rumors to be clarified.

Tangshan launched a new policy on provident fund loans: the ratio of the second set of down payment dropped from 60% to 30%

Today, the Tangshan Housing Provident Fund Management Center announced that the minimum down payment ratio for employees who purchase a second home for themselves will be adjusted from no less than 60% to no less than 30%. This adjustment will be implemented from March 15, 2022.

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Ningbo to open up three mortgages?A number of intermediaries and banks: the documents have not been received and are not yet released

Today, it is reported that Ningbo will relax the mortgage identification policy.However, reporters from the Financial Associated Press from manyBankAnd the intermediary agency learned that the relevant policy documents have not been received, and the three-home loan has not been released at present. When a home buyer buys a second home, if the first home has no loan, the down payment ratio is still 40%, which is higher than the 30% down payment for the first home. The documents circulating in the market today show that it is planned to release loans for “more than 3 houses”; comprehensively “recognize the loan without recognizing the house”, “as long as the mortgage is repaid, it will be the first house”, “implement the first loan policy” and so on.

Nine departments including the Ministry of Science and Technology: Build a clean energy innovation highland in central Yunnan to support Yunnan to build “the world‘s photovoltaic capital”

Nine departments including the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Implementation Plan of East-West Science and Technology Cooperation”, which pointed out that the construction of a clean energy innovation highland in central Yunnan.Support Yunnan Kunming, Yuxi, Chuxiong and other national high-tech zones andZhongguancunZhangjiang, Shenzhen and other national high-tech zones are paired to build, deepen the research cooperation in the fields of “water-wind-light” multi-energy complementarity, energy storage, smart energy and other clean energy fields, and carry out rareprecious metalgreen aluminum-silicon and other core technologies, build a cluster of innovative development of characteristic industries, and support Yunnan to build the “photovoltaic capital of the world“.

Hot sector stocks

The protagonist of the Metaverse breaks out of the circle!A complete review of virtual digital human industry chain targets

AnshinsecuritiesHe said that in the Metaverse in China, the most certainty in 2022 is the virtual digital human and NFT, which are located in the two major sectors of “content and scene, and synergy” that China is good at. In the mobile Internet era, content is divided into two from the perspective of monetization—content works and monetized content. Virtual digital people serve both content works and monetize content; NFT is a mechanism for revaluing the value of digital assets.

Kaikai Industry, China Pharmaceutical 3-chain A-share “medicine” cannot be stopped!Looking for industry chain targets from bottom to top

  Huaan SecuritiesIt is mentioned that, considering the background of the pharmaceutical industry, on the one hand, the uncertainty brought about by the continuous implementation of the centralized procurement policy this year (centralized procurement of consumables, national procurement, alliance procurement, etc.), in addition, the short-term pharmaceutical industry sector has not yet seen Clear favorable policies/changes, no short-term upward momentum. It is advisable to take a long view. The valuations of many pharmaceutical companies have reached a very reasonable range, and the uncertainty of changes brought about by policies makes many investors unable to start. Our suggested orientation configuration throughout the year:traditional Chinese medicine(Policy-friendly + low valuation) + medical equipment (medical infrastructure) + scientific research reagents and upstream, etc. + other directions to search for targets from the bottom up.

The theme strategy of the eight major securities companies: the market seriously underestimates the resilience of coal demand! Who were the targets of wrongful killings?

CindasecuritiesSaid that the current market has seriously underestimated the resilience, elasticity and sustainability of coal demand, and the production cycle is declining, supply elasticity is converging, and the industry’s prosperity and sustainability are expected to exceed expectations, while sector valuations are far from reflected.low valuation, highperformanceThe certainty and considerable dividend yield make the coal sector “offensive and defensive”, and the systematic revaluation of the market has just begun.

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Listed companyannouncementFeatured

  Jinjing Technology: Subsidiary’s photovoltaic glass production line is off the assembly line

  Jinjing Technology(600586) Announcement on the evening of March 4, the company’s wholly-owned subsidiaryJinjing TechnologyMalaysia Limitedcompany investmentThe 500t/d thin-film photovoltaic module backplane glass production line under construction has started trial production on March 4, 2022, and the product has been successfully rolled off the production line.

  Jinjing Technology: Subsidiary’s photovoltaic glass production line is offline

Jinjing Technology (600586) announced on the evening of March 4 that the 500t/d thin-film photovoltaic module back glass production line invested and constructed by the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Jinjing Technology Malaysia Co., Ltd. has started trial production on March 4, 2022, and the product has been successfully launched. String.

  Gold Infrared: It is planned to invest 1.32 billion yuan to build a high-end equipment intelligent manufacturing base

  Gold Infrared(002414) On the evening of March 4, it was announced that the company signed a project cooperation agreement with the Management Committee of Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, with Gaode Guangchuang, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company as the main body of the project, and invested about 1.32 billion yuan in Wuhan East Lake Comprehensive Bonded Zone to build a high-end The equipment intelligent manufacturing base is planned to be completed and put into production within three years.

  Jinyuan Shares: The subsidiary and Lishang Technology signed a cooperation agreement on the expansion of the salt lake mine project

  Jinyuan Shares(000546) On the evening of March 4, it was announced that the subsidiary Geji Lithium Industry and Lishang Technology signed the “Baqiancuo Salt Lake Mine Project Expansion Test Cooperation Agreement”. The two parties agreed that for the development of the Baqiancuo Salt Lake project, Lishang Technology will supply Geji Lithium with electrochemical de-intercalation and lithium-rich liquid production line equipment with an annual output of 2,000 tons of lithium carbonate equivalent, and provide relevant technical services related matters. Carry out the expanded production test verification of electrochemical process technology in Baqiancuo Salt Lake.

  Dawning Shares: Subsidiary signed 107 million yuan for the purchase of new energy bus vehiclescontract

  Dawning Shares(600303) Announcement on the evening of March 4, recently, Dandong Huanghai Automobile Company, a subsidiary of the company, purchased 100 10.5-meter-class pure electric air-conditioned buses and 23 11-meter-class tourism-shaped pure electric air-conditioned buses in Dandong Bus Company. Won the bid, and signed a “Vehicle Purchase Contract” with Dandong Bus Company for 100 and 23 pure electric air-conditioned buses, with a total contract value of 107 million yuan.

  Xinhe shares: to berepo5 million shares – 10 million shares

  Xinhe shares(003016) Announcement on the evening of March 4th, the company intends to use its own funds to repurchase some of the company’s shares in a centralized bidding transaction. The number of shares repurchased this time ranges from 5 million shares to 10 million shares, and the repurchase price does not exceed 14.80 yuan per share.

  ST RongtaishareholderGao Dapeng plans to increase his holdings by 1.5%-3%

  ST Rongtai(600589) Announcement on the evening of March 4, the company received a notice from Gao Dapeng, a shareholder holding more than 5% of the shares, that Gao Dapeng plans to increase the proportion of the company’s shares with its own funds or self-raised funds by not less than 1.5% and not more than 3% . No price range has been set for this holdings increase plan.

(Article Source:Eastern FortuneResearch center)

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