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A-shares are weak and fluctuating, and the concept of new energy continues to be strong-Finance News

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On Wednesday, A-shares fluctuated weakly, and the three major indexes opened lower and moved lower, with intraday drops of more than 1%.

  Ningde eraPull upGrowth Enterprise Market Index

  The decline has narrowed. On the whole, investor sentiment is relatively sluggish, and individual stocks show a general downward trend.

  As of yesterday’s close,The Shanghai Composite IndexClosed at 3562.31 points, down 0.98%;Shenzhen Component IndexIt closed at 14393.51 points, down 1.09%; the ChiNext index closed at 3308.96 points, down 0.56%. The turnover of the two cities was 1,076.9 billion yuan.

  On the disk, the concept of new energy continues to strengthen. The strongest direction yesterday was wind power,Goldwind TechnologyDaikin Heavy IndustryJinkai XinnengWait for the daily limit.

Recently, the State Council issued the “Carbon Peaking Action Plan by 2030”, clearly proposing to vigorously develop new energy. Fully promote wind power,Solar energyLarge-scale development and high-quality development of power generation, and further improve the guarantee mechanism of renewable energy power consumption. By 2030, the total installed capacity of wind power and solar power will reach more than 1.2 billion kilowatts.

The energy storage industry has recently become a hotbed of new energy after electric vehicles, wind power, and photovoltaics. As of yesterday’s close,Wenshan PowerThere have been 8 consecutive daily limits.The stock’s on-board market originated from an asset swapannouncement. On the evening of October 15th, Wenshan Power issued an announcement stating that the company intends to carry out asset replacement and inject pumped energy storage assets into China Southern Power Grid.

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Focusing on the energy storage business, leading companies have also made successive moves. On October 18, at the 2021 Global Digital Energy Summit, the news that Huawei signed the world’s largest energy storage project once triggered a surge in energy storage concept stocks in the A-share market.Recently, CATL and the National Energy Group, ChinaGuohuaElectricity and other companies signed cooperation agreements, all involving energy storage, new energy and other fields.

In addition, the concepts of fluorine chemicals and phosphorus chemicals were also relatively strong yesterday.Chlor-Alkali Chemical IndustryDaily limit,Lianchuang sharesPutailaiJuhua sharesWait for an increase of over 5%.

Except for a few sectors such as wind power and chemical industry, most of the other sectors fell following the index. More than 3,500 companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets fell. The coal, liquor, and light industry sectors led the decline. The market’s willingness to wait and see is strong, and the hot-spot sector has poor sustainability.

  New crotchThe break continued. October 27,Xinrui sharesLanded on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, the stock opened 8.51% lower and broke directly during the call auction stage. After the opening, the stock price continued to fall. As of the close, Xinrui shares reported 53.55 yuan, down 14.04%. At present, A shares have broken new shares for the fourth consecutive trading day.

According to data, Xinrui shares are mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of cemented carbide and tools. Relying on the core technology and market position in the cemented carbide field, the company extends the industry to the downstream tool manufacturing field, forming an integrated development operation model for the upstream and downstream industries of cemented carbide and tool manufacturing. The company expects from January to September 2021,Operating incomeFrom 660 million to 690 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25.03% to 30.71%;Net profitFrom 108 million to 118 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.49% to 39.30%.

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  Northeast SecuritiesSaid that the recent rapid rotation of the stocks and the decline in stocks and the increase in the number of stocks reflect the structural characteristics of “the shape is not scattered.” , Consumer goods, military industry, chip and other technology growth stocks repeatedly rotate, reflecting the focus policy andPerformanceThe configuration idea of ​​the boom.

  Soochow SecuritiesSaid that if the inflow of northbound funds accelerates in the fourth quarter, net purchases for the whole year are expected to reach 370 billion yuan. The inflow of foreign capital will help build the bottom of the market and form capital support.In the follow-up, attention should be paid to the effect of foreign investment allocation. On the one hand, the style may return to the top;food and drink, Dianxin, and home appliances are the key directions of foreign investment allocation.

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