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A-shares continue the plate rotation pattern, the Science and Technology 50 Index closes up for four consecutive weeks

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On Friday, the A-shares continued the sector rotation pattern. The Shanghai local stocks, coal, non-ferrous metals and other sectors that were active in the previous period had certain adjustments, and the technology sector was active throughout the day. The Kechuang 50 Index continued to rise after a brief adjustment, closing up 1.2%, and the cumulative increase this week reached 3.28%, continuing to outperform other major indexes.

As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3,591.84 points, down 0.25% this week;Shenzhen Component IndexClosed at 14870.91 points, a cumulative increase of 0.12% this week;Growth Enterprise Market IndexIt closed at 3,242.61 points, a cumulative increase of 0.32% this week. Since last week, the technology sector has gradually evolved into a sector effect from the outstanding performance of individual stocks in the early period. According to the data, in the past five trading days, the stock prices of 37 science and technology innovation board stocks hit a record high. The Science & Technology 50 Index closed up for four consecutive weeks.

  The technology sector continues to climb

The recent active performance of the technology sector has attracted market attention. From the perspective of yesterday’s disk, concept sectors such as 5G, semiconductor chips, and power batteries all performed well.

The 5G concept stocks that were strong on the previous trading day pulled up again in intraday yesterday.Wutong HoldingsRose more than 14%,Chunxing PrecisionJingquanhuaAsian Union DevelopmentWait for the daily limit. Within the semiconductor sector,RockchipSeal the board in the afternoon,FullhanFuman ElectronicsAllwinner TechnologyChangchuan TechnologyWait for an increase of more than 10%. The power battery broke out again,Ningde eraThe stock price hit a record high,Fulin PrecisionXinwangdaTianhua Super CleanMany stocks rose by more than 10%.

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Public information on after-hours trading shows that,Fuman ElectronicsFulin PrecisionSkyline sharesAnd other companies are sought after by institutional seats.

In fact, this round of rising prices in the technology sector has continued for nearly two months. Among them, the performance of the Science and Technology 50 Index is the most intuitive. In March of this year, the index once fell to 1212.34 points. After a period of consolidation, it began to rise at the end of March and early April. The latest closing point was 1431.52 points.

  The plate rotation pattern continues

Overall, the rotation characteristics of the A-share sector are obvious. The cyclical sectors such as coal, steel, and oil, which were active in the previous trading days, were among the top decliners, while local stocks in Shanghai showed a “day trip” market.

  Soochow SecuritiesSaid that the current sector concept has begun to rotate, and related products that performed well in the previous period have entered continuous adjustments, and the money-making effect has declined to a certain extent, but the overall market trading activity remains at a relatively high level. Operationally, investors can settle the previous profit at rallies and actively adjust their positions and exchange shares.

In terms of funds, the northbound funds bought a net of 3.067 billion yuan yesterday, and a total of 8.888 billion yuan was bought this week. Since the beginning of this year, Northbound funds have bought over 210 billion yuan in A shares, which is equivalent to the full-year scale of 2020 and has nearly doubled compared with the same period in 2020.

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  Southwest SecuritiesChief StrategyAnalystZhu Bin said that northbound funds may continue to flow in. From the perspective of the allocation of northbound funds, electrical equipment (new energy), chemicals, medicine, etc. are the focus of northbound allocation of funds, and are also the sectors that are expected to continue this year.

  Stamp duty news disturbs the market

Yesterday, financial stocks were affected by the news of the reduction of stamp duty.

Zang Tiewei, spokesperson of the Legal Work Committee of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, introduced the draft stamp duty law (second deliberation draft) at a press conference yesterday. He said that considering the actual operation of the stamp duty is basically stable, the current tax system framework remains unchanged in general. At the same time, based on the opinions of various parties, it is proposed to make the following comprehensive amendments to the draft: first, to appropriately reduce the tax rate; second, to further clarify the scope of stamp duty; third, to improve the tax preferential regulations.

Stimulated by news of the stamp duty reduction,BrokeragebankInsuranceEqual-weight financial stocks suddenly rose sharply. Among them, brokerage stocks performed more strongly.Southwest SecuritiesThe intraday straight daily limit.

However, there were subsequent media reports that “it has been learned from relevant departments that the stamp duty adjustment does not involve securities transaction stamp duty.” Affected by this, the financial sector fell back.

  West China SecuritiesChief strategist Li Lifeng said that the current A-share market is operating smoothly and investor confidence is good. A-shares will maintain the characteristics of “stable index and structural market” in the future.

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(Source: Shanghai Securities News)

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