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A-shares fluctuated and consolidated, and the main line of new quality productivity showed outstanding gains_Oriental Fortune Network

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On March 6, the A-share market experienced a day of consolidation at a high level, with the three major stock indexes reaching new highs for this round of rebound. However, the market was dragged down by heavyweight stocks such as banks towards the end of trading. The Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3039.93 points, down 0.26%; the Shenzhen Component Index closed at 9395.65 points, down 0.22%; and the GEM Index closed at 1832.58 points, down 0.06%. The total transaction volume in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets was 931.8 billion yuan.

One of the biggest highlights of the day was the sharp increase in the main line of new productivity. Sectors such as new energy vehicles, hydrogen energy, and low-altitude economy saw significant gains. More than 100 stocks were trading at their daily limit, indicating a strong money-making effect in the market.

The rise of new quality productivity main line has been a focus in the market lately. The government’s emphasis on technological innovation, particularly in industries such as intelligent networked new energy vehicles, hydrogen energy, and artificial intelligence, has garnered attention. Institutions believe that innovation is key to improving total factor productivity in the medium to long term.

Meanwhile, high dividend-paying assets saw a consolidation at high levels after a period of strong performance. Stocks in the banking and coal sectors experienced adjustments, signaling a potential shift in investor sentiment towards dividend stocks.

Market expectations continue to improve, with the Shanghai Composite Index leading gains among major global stock indexes in February. Improved expectations and capital market reforms have boosted investor sentiment. The short-term recovery market is expected to continue, while the mid-term trend will depend on policy environments and economic fundamentals.

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In terms of allocation, growth varieties are expected to continue showing flexibility in the short term, with opportunities in related directions during the start of the construction season. Thematic opportunities with high market attention are also worth considering for mid- to long-term investments.

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