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A start-up in robotics from the Pavese SME

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A start-up in robotics from the Pavese SME

The innovation. The link with the University. The start of a new business venture. It is a virtuous path that started by Rta, a Pavese SME active in industrial automation that has decided to put its know-how to good use by creating a start-up in robotics.

Virtuous yet rare path, as evidenced by the parterre of the inauguration event, in which the mayor of Pavia, the president of the Italian robotics association Domenico Appendino and the scientific director of the Italian Institute of Technology Giorgio Metta participate.

Rta Robotics represents the evolution in a hi-tech key for a company that already operates in the field of automation, with 24 million revenues and 75 employees, committed to supplying motion controls, drives, electric motors and other key components.

The target of this new initiative is represented by the supply chain of manufacturers of industrial automatic machines and by that of System Integrators. The anthropomorphic robots are made by a partner of Rta, to whom the company has been supplying for years the electric motors used to move the 6 robot limbs, the heart of its movement system. The Scara robots instead come from another partner, to whom Rta supplies some control systems. Rta Robotics deals with building ad hoc products for individual customers, designing and assembling the different solutions.

A reality that starts with two people, an employee of the company and a PhD student from the University of Pavia, but which in reality can count on a wider pool of skills.

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