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A sustainable company also in terms of profits

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The traditional way of doing business is no longer viable as it has produced enormous negative impacts in terms of social and economic inequalities, climate change and uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources.
Sustainable growth is therefore increasingly central to company projects, be they startups or traditional companies and also the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development identifies 17 Sustainable Development Goals to which companies in all countries are required to give their contribution as an active part of our society.
The fourth meeting of the GIOIN 2021 cycle of events, organized by Digital Magics in collaboration with the 24 ORE Group, is dedicated to sustainability and the circular economy, and will be held in streaming on Thursday 22 July at 3.30 pm. An occasion in which industry experts, representatives of companies and the startup ecosystem will question the need to design new ways of doing business that make respect for the environment a priority that affects all aspects of the company, from the chain of supply to the final product or service.

Innovative companies

Six startups will take part, including Genuino.Zero, which proposes a new distribution model for local short-chain products. Thanks to technology and the integration between web & digital, it shortens the distance between countryside and city, making local and artisanal food products easily accessible to urban consumers. The recovery of waste products from the agri-food chain is at the center of Packtin and Krill Design’s activities, which, as evidence of the potential of these “waste”, create very different solutions: the first extracts biopolymers for the production of supplements, gels and biodegradable coatings that guarantee greater food safety and conservation, while the second uses them to create design objects with new generation biopolymers. Giving a new life to things is instead the goal of Swapush, which allows you to exchange clothes and objects during swap parties or through the app of the same name, and Appcyled, a digital platform that has the mission of simplifying the regeneration process of the industry. of fashion, creating a circular economy, reusing what could otherwise become waste and enhancing the work of independent stylists, who use the upcycling technique to create new garments. ship their products, allowing the optimization of both time and resources. To consult the agenda of the event: https://www.gioin.it/it/eventi/sustainability-circular-economy/ Participation is free upon registration on https://gioin.digitalmagics.com/sustainability.

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