Home Business A variety of domestic new crown vaccines were urgently approved for “booster injection” market is undergoing this change – Teller Report Teller Report

A variety of domestic new crown vaccines were urgently approved for “booster injection” market is undergoing this change – Teller Report Teller Report

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A variety of domestic new crown vaccines were urgently approved for “booster injection” market is undergoing this change – Teller Report Teller Report

A variety of domestic new crown vaccines were urgently approved for “booster shots” This change is happening in the marketFly into the homes of ordinary people

“Kechuangban Daily” on December 5 (Reporter Jin Xiaomo) News that domestically produced new crown vaccines are being intensively approved for marketing.

Following the Shenzhou cells, on the evening of the 4th, Clover Bio-B (0297.HK) announced that the new crown vaccine (SCB-2019) (CpG 1018/aluminum adjuvant)) (hereinafter referred to as: SCB-2019) was approved for inclusion in China Emergency use.

On the 5th, a reporter from the “Kechuangban Daily” learned that the recombinant new coronavirus protein vaccine (Sf9 cells) developed by West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Weixin, has also been approved for emergency use. On the same day, Wantai Biological announced that the nasal spray influenza virus carrier new coronary pneumonia vaccine was included in emergency use.

So far, more than ten new crown vaccine manufacturers have been approved for listing/emergency use in the Chinese market. At the same time, according to a previous investigation by a reporter from the “Kechuangban Daily”, as the vaccination coverage gradually becomes saturated, the market space left for the new crown vaccine is also shrinking. The booster shot, and whether the second booster shot (that is, the fourth shot of the vaccine) can be released has become the key to the valuation of the new crown vaccine.

▌Clover new crown vaccine can be used for home prevention

Judging from the data disclosed by Clover Bio, the biggest feature of the company’s new crown vaccine SCB-2019 compared with other vaccines is that it can significantly reduce the family transmission of the new crown, which can be used for family prevention.

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In August, data from the global phase II/III clinical trial SPECTRA released by Clover Bio showed that compared with placebo subjects, those who received the SCB-2019 COVID-19 vaccine were 84% less likely to infect their cohabitants with the new crown. It is expected to “help control the spread of new crowns in the community”.

Used as a booster injection, SCB-2019 can induce 5-6 times higher levels of neutralizing antibodies (against the BA.5 variant substrain of Omicron and other variants of Omicron) Subtype).

▌Shanghai Pharmaceuticals has quietly entered the game

The other vaccine approved this time is the recombinant novel coronavirus protein vaccine (Sf9 cells) Wakexin developed by West China Hospital of Sichuan University.

This is the first recombinant protein novel coronavirus protein vaccine produced by an insect cell technology platform approved for emergency use in China, and it is also the first new crown vaccine approved for emergency use led by a university in my country. The industrialization of Vaccine will be promoted by Chengdu Vesco Biological Co., Ltd.

According to public information, in November 2020, Chengdu Wesker Company completed the A round of financing, in which West China Hospital and the team of scientists contributed with scientific and technological achievements, and Sichuan Development Emerging Industry Investment Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Pharmaceuticals as co-lead investors, etc. Capital increase, investing nearly 300 million yuan in production line construction and clinical research.

According to Tianyancha, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals holds about 6.58% of Chengdu Wesker.

▌”Strengthening needle” market competition is heating up

Up to now, many listed companies including CanSino, Livzon Group, Emmy Vaccine, etc. have entered the new crown vaccine market. There are more than ten new crown vaccines that have been approved/emergency use in China, and the competition is fierce. Therefore, various companies have begun to compete for “added value” in addition to the effectiveness and safety of vaccines.

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For example, CanSino has developed a “vaccine that can be inhaled”; and Clover Bio claims that it can be applied to family prevention.

In addition, various vaccine manufacturers are still competing for their ability to go overseas. In this regard, a reporter from the “Kechuangban Daily” noticed that Clover Bio is also ahead.

In September 2022, Clover Bio and Gavi, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, revised the pre-purchase agreement. The latter is expected to become one of the “bridgeheads” for the export of the new crown vaccine of Clover Bio. Vaccines are provided.

According to the company’s announcement in October, the CDMO company that cooperates with Clover Biotech has obtained the EU GMP certification, and may directly supply to the EU market after obtaining the EU marketing authorization.

“The technology transfer activities related to the production of the new crown vaccine at the CDMO production base have been completed in the third quarter of 2022, and registration applications are expected to be submitted to the European Medicines Agency and the World Health Organization in the fourth quarter of 2022.” Clover Bio said.

It is worth mentioning that Clover Bio is persistent in the development of the new crown vaccine. In order to fully promote the research and development of the new crown vaccine, in June this year, Clover Bio, which has a tight cash flow, announced that it plans to suspend investment in three non-new crown pipelines under research, and plans to loan 300 million U.S. dollars for the future after the new crown vaccine is launched. commercial operation. (For details, please refer to the previous report of “Kechuangban Daily”: Clover Biology: It was once favored by Hillhouse because of the new crown pipeline, but now it is forced to shrink strategically and is in a dilemma)

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As the competition in the “strengthening needle” market becomes fiercer, will Clover Bio’s desperate move bring the expected benefits to the company? The Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily will continue to pay attention.

Editor: Ni Yanhong

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