Home Business A week of economic review: Evergrande Group has been frustrated twice by selling assets, Xu Jiayin’s personal assets are mortgaged, and debt is relaxed | China Manufacturing | Trump Social Media Platform

A week of economic review: Evergrande Group has been frustrated twice by selling assets, Xu Jiayin’s personal assets are mortgaged, and debt is relaxed | China Manufacturing | Trump Social Media Platform

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[NTD News October 24, 2021, Beijing time]China’s manufacturing ex-factory prices have swollen, the economy has cooled, and the scissors gap has been the largest in history. Is stagflation coming? Evergrande Group’s asset sales have been frustrated twice, and Xu Jiayin’s personal assets are mortgaged and debts Relax time; Trump wants to launch his own social media platform; Zhao Xin time: Why did Tesla move?

Opening remarks: stagflation is coming?

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the weekly economic review program. I am Dongfang. China’s economic performance in the third quarter was not as good as expected. The official growth rate was 4.9%. There were natural disasters, floods, and man-made disasters. Beijing severely cracked down on private enterprises and cut power off without warning. The epidemic lingered, from time to time. The community has to be closed, Evergrande’s debt crisis has not yet settled, and the real estate market has entered a cold winter. Although economists also expect the momentum of economic growth to slow in the second half of the year, according to the latest data, the situation is worse than expected. The performance in the fourth quarter will be even worse. After the data is released, investors are nervous. , Leading to a decline in the Wall Street Index.

You must know that China was the only major economy with GDP growth last year. In March, Beijing announced that the expected growth rate for this year would be six percent. It also wanted to take this opportunity to clean up the long-standing ailments. One is The scale of family and corporate credit is too large and needs to be cleaned up; one is that high-tech companies and social media platform companies need to be cleaned up. The CCP puts the accusation of the gap between the rich and the poor on the big high-tech companies; and the other wants to co-produce with the leftists around the world. Keep up with the climate change situation. However, people are not as good as the sky, and Cheng Yaojin was halfway through. Cheng Yaojin’s three-handedness is really powerful. First, the Delta variant virus appeared; second, the world’s supply chain was tight; third, the price of coal rose sharply.

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Next year it will be the 20th largest, and the economy will have to go up to look good. If it doesn’t turn around at the end of the year, it will be troublesome if it hits next year’s performance. But Beijing is now facing a dilemma. To stimulate the economy, you have to print money. Printing money will make inflation worse. The debt bubble is getting bigger and bigger. Now China’s economy is quite sluggish, much worse than the official figures. There are many self-media in mainland China, shooting scenes of shopping malls and ghost towns in various places. He does not comment or criticize the CCP. The audience has interpreted them by themselves.

Through expansion and economic stagnation, that is stagflation, which is the worst economic phenomenon. In September, the ex-factory price of China’s manufacturing industry increased by nearly 11%, while the consumer price index only increased by 0.7%. The difference between the ex-factory price increase and the price increase is also called the scissors gap, which is a record of ten percentage points. A prelude to stagflation, rising prices and economic stagnation. If Beijing does not print money, how will this black hole of Evergrande’s debt be filled?

Housing sales fell sharply in September. Real estate is the backbone of China’s economy, and the economy is further depressed. Printing of money is stagnant and prices are soaring, and not printing money is also stagnant, and the economy is even more stagnant. The Beijing government’s life is really difficult now. This is today’s opening remarks.

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