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å“ªäº›å› ç´ å ¯èƒ½åˆºç ´ç¾Žè‚¡â€œä¸ƒé›„â€ æ³¡æ²«ï¼Ÿ – å Žå°”è¡—æ—¥æŠ¥

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å“ªäº›å› ç´ å ¯èƒ½åˆºç ´ç¾Žè‚¡â€œä¸ƒé›„â€ æ³¡æ²«ï¼Ÿ – å Žå°”è¡—æ—¥æŠ¥

The article discusses the recent surge in giant tech stocks in the US market and raises questions about whether this momentum is sustainable. Market analyst Daniel Grosvenor from the Oxford Economics Research Institute expressed concerns about the sustainability of the surge and pointed out that the overall stock market would be heavily impacted if the leading tech stocks were to experience a downturn.

The article highlights the dominance and influence of tech giants such as Nvidia Corp., Alphabet Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Apple Inc., Tesla Inc., Meta Platforms Inc., and Microsoft Corp. in the market and their significant role in driving investor attention and market performance. However, Grosvenor warned that the excessive concentration of these tech stocks, comprising about 32% of the total market value, is reminiscent of the tech bubble of the late 20th century.

Grosvenor also emphasized the potential impact of factors such as profit expectations, high valuations, and political uncertainty on the performance of these tech stocks and the market as a whole. He suggested that the tech industry’s focus on innovation and the outcome of the US presidential election could further shape the landscape of tech stocks and the market.

In conclusion, the article poses an important question about the sustainability of the current tech stock surge and the broader market impact, urging caution and careful evaluation of various economic and political factors influencing the market.

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