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Abruzzo, agreement on Zes with Intesa Sanpaolo to relaunch the regional economy

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Abruzzo, agreement on Zes with Intesa Sanpaolo to relaunch the regional economy

Support for sustainable investments by small and medium-sized enterprises, reshoring activities, individual and supply chain business development programs, training courses dedicated to the management of companies operating in the area, initiatives with a high economic and social impact that can attract investors. These are the objectives of the agreement signed between Intesa Sanpaolo and the extraordinary commissioner of the Government of the Zes (Special Economic Zone) Abruzzo to relaunch the local economy.

The companies that invest in the Zes areas will be able to benefit from tax incentives and a logistic system which, in the Abruzzo area, is made up of the ports of Ortona and Vasto, the Abruzzo freight village, the Marsica goods sorting center, and the autoports. of San Salvo and Roseto and from the international airport of Abruzzo.

12 million tons of goods

According to an analysis by Srm – study center connected to Intesa Sanpaolo -, the ports of the Port System Authority of the Central Adriatic Sea (Ancona and Ortona) in 2021 handled 12 million tons of goods, of which 4.1 million liquid bulk and 5.7 million Ro-Ro (wheeled vehicles). Peculiarity of the Zes Abruzzo is the functional link with the port of Ancona which is the driving force of the maritime system of the Middle Adriatic, with 10.8 million tons of goods managed. The airport is decisive for the industrial-logistic strategy of Zes Abruzzo as it is connected with the production activities by means of the railway and motorway lines. The Port of Ortona is the main multi-purpose commercial port of Abruzzo which in 2021 handled a total of over 1.1 million tons of goods, including liquid, solid and Ro-Ro bulk.

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A ceiling of 1.5 billion

“Our commitment derives from the firm belief that the Zes can and must represent an unmissable opportunity for the southern economy, and specifically in Abruzzo, orienting it towards internationalization, dimensional expansion and the generation of new jobs” says Roberto Gabrielli , regional director of Lazio and Abruzzo of Intesa Sanpaolo. The Bank has participated since 2017 in the enhancement of the Zes of the South for which it has set up a ceiling of € 1.5 billion for new investments. And the group has already promoted the SEZs to international investors with specific missions abroad, such as those in Dubai and Beijing, and has activated a specialized desk that offers technical and financial consulting services. The Pnrr also allocated 62.9 million euros to Zes Abruzzo.

New centrality of the Mediterranean

«Thanks to this agreement – continues Gabrielli – we renew our support for the Abruzzo maritime economy chain and beyond. The geopolitical context has led to a shift in global maritime routes and the enhancement of the southern Zes would make it possible to exploit the new energy and logistical centrality of the Mediterranean. For our part, we continue to work, as is our mission, with local stakeholders to encourage new investments, making new credit and operational support available to businesses ». The collaboration just signed is part of Motori Italia, the Bank’s strategic program that provides loans and initiatives aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises to overcome the difficult phase caused by the pandemic crisis and relaunch through development projects, in line with the objectives. of the Pnrr.

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