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According to Mona, maxi-saleswoman from Dubai

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Four million euros, just under 10% of a full year’s revenues. For Secondo Mona, a Varese component manufacturer in the aeronautical sector, the trip to Dubai to participate in the Air Show was decidedly fruitful.

In fact, the Somma Lombardo-based company finalizes a new order in the Arab country for the development, qualification and supply of the complete fuel system of the new aircraft produced by Calidus, a manufacturer based in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The locally built and under development B-250 aircraft is a carbon fiber turboprop used as an intermediate trainer and for daytime light attack, surveillance and anti-guerrilla missions.
Agreement signed on the occasion of the Dubai Air Show ended last November 18, which saw an Italian participation in the team thanks to the action of Ice, Aiad (Federation of Italian Companies for Aerospace, Defense and Security), Lombardia Aerospace Cluster and Foundation of the Politecnico di Milano.

«For us – explains the entrepreneur Claudia Mona – it is an important success even beyond the numbers. Calidus is in fact a new customer, starting a new program, in a country that is preparing to create a new local industry in aeronautics. The fact that he has chosen us is a source of great pride and opens up interesting spaces for us on this market ».

However, the four million contract represents a first step, because in addition to the initial development, additional volumes are expected from the individual aircraft sold by Calidus. Each new aircraft, in fact, could be worth another 150-170 thousand euros in turnover for Secondo Mona.

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Company that focuses on the domestic market (primarily through Leonardo of course) for 30% of its revenues, with the remainder instead developed across the border with the main manufacturers in the sector: from Airbus to Boeing; from Safran to Rolls Royce.

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