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Acquired Swiss Gurit to deeply cultivate basic materials for functional components of industrial machine tools_TOM News

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Acquired Swiss Gurit to deeply cultivate basic materials for functional components of industrial machine tools_TOM News

Peng Ziping, founder of Desu Intelligent, has a deep understanding in the machine tool manufacturing industry: because our basic materials for industrial mother machines are not strong, the basic research on functional components is weak and lacks innovation, and the high-end manufacturing capabilities of functional components basically rely on foreign processing mother machines, losing intellectual property rights. The basic research of the machine tool cannot be better iterated, and it is technically controlled by others. He said emotionally: I come from a technical background. As a CNC machine tool person, I am deeply ashamed. Therefore, after the acquisition of Gurit New Materials Company, Desu Intelligent has a long way to go in order to accelerate the absorption and digestion of new technologies, make up for the shortcomings of basic materials, and improve the entire production chain of Desu Intelligent’s machine tool manufacturing products. Our generation makes unremitting efforts, and Desu Intelligent is determined to contribute its own strength in the process of production and development of China’s industrial mother machines.

The strength of any country is inseparable from the core technology. Only by mastering the core technology in its own hands can it truly grasp the initiative in competition and development. Production equipment and parts, as the core link of the industrial manufacturing chain, the technical level of the industrial mother machine determines the industrial manufacturing capacity of a country or region. Driven by policies, the competitiveness of domestic machine tools and related products in the mid-to-high-end field has been further enhanced .

After 12 years of development, Desu Intelligent has grown from a workshop of 200 square meters to a workshop of 38,000 square meters today; the company raised funds by itself, and developed from a single tool magazine for machine tool components to the production of key functional components of machine tools. Spindles, turntables , mineral casting beds, permanent magnet motors, static pressure products, etc., are one of the few companies in the country that have comprehensive solutions for industrial mother machines; Desu Intelligent self-raised funds and completed some benchmarking equipment (such as Japan Taiyang Machinery Co., Ltd. Vertical grinder, Swiss Stutt internal and external cylindrical grinder, etc.), the development of equipment is based on the acquisition and application of basic materials, basic innovation of functional components, research and development advantages and core technical support, which can ensure ultra-high precision and high shock resistance of machine tools. , high thermal stability, high wear resistance, green environmental protection; the successful research and development of these equipment is an in-depth study of the industrial mother machine, and it is also a process of continuous improvement, summarization, and further improvement, and it is also the need to strengthen its own machining capabilities. Comparing with the popular five-axis, multi-axis, turn-milling and other models that are popular abroad, today’s Desu Intelligence can basically be popularized and applied.

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Acquired the basic materials of functional components of the Swiss Gurit Desu Intelligent Deep Ploughing Industrial Machine Tool

Mineral castings and wear-resistant coatings are used in industrial machine tools, semiconductor equipment, medical equipment, high-precision measuring instruments and other bed bodies. Their material properties can greatly reduce the influence of the outside world on the accuracy of the equipment. In order to improve the precision and stability of the machine tools, the top foreign high-end machine tools all use mineral castings for the bed. Opportunities always favor those who are prepared. As a leading domestic supplier of core components for industrial machine tools, at the beginning of 2019, Deso Global acquired Gurit Mineral Casting Company in Switzerland and merged Gurit Mineral Casting Company into StableTech (Steborn). The development of Swiss Gurit in the field of mineral castings is also quite tortuous. After several years of self-developed mineral castings, Gurit took German Trickes into the bag in 2015. German Trickes began to develop mineral castings and wear-resistant coatings in 1980. Its industry status Second to none. The material properties, formulation and production process of mineral castings and wear-resistant coatings determine their high quality. The stability of the casting and the wear resistance of the wear-resistant coating have also been proven in forty-two years of application. Because of its significant advantages in high performance and high stability of the bed, Deso’s new material products can also help Chinese companies to overtake in corners.

After more than three years of internal training, according to its own strategic layout, Desu officially established the sixth business unit in early March this year – the five-axis opto-mechanical business unit; in April, it entered the field of semiconductor equipment and established Jiangsu Youke Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. .

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Mr. Peng Ziping is the founder of Desu and a technical expert with roots in the front line. He realized the important role and key significance of industrial mother machines and five-axis machine tools many years ago. In 2013, Mr. Peng started to lead the team to develop a seven-axis five-linkage machine tool, and in 2016, he obtained a seven-axis five-linkage invention patent. Later, nine high-end five-axis machine tools and four high-precision grinding machines were successively developed, and 171 patents were obtained. After the production of the machine tools, the test machine operation test was carried out by itself, and the problem of stuck neck in this field in my country was solved.

Acquired the basic materials of functional components of the Swiss Gurit Desu Intelligent Deep Ploughing Industrial Machine Tool

Over the past 12 years, Desu has insisted on focusing on core functional components, from tool magazines, motors to spindles and turntables, and has achieved excellent results. In the domestic machine tool market, the share of tool magazines ranks among the top two in the country. Every shot is based on improving its product width in the core components of industrial mother machines.

“A big era requires a big pattern, and a big pattern calls for a big mind”, let us wish that Desu will create another miracle in the field of industrial machine tools under the leadership of Mr. Peng Ziping!

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