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Aeneas studies natural cosmetics

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Enea (national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development) participates in an international project to create safe, sustainable cosmetics with scientifically proven effects, without resorting to animal testing, starting from food plants such as ginger and basil, but also agricultural waste and plant cells.

The InnCoCells project is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 program with 7.9 million euros, which involves 12 countries and 17 partners including Enea and Arterra Bioscience for Italy and Technical Research Center of Finland (Vtt) in the role of coordinator.

Among the plants used for the development of this new generation of cosmetics also turmeric, kencur, peony, cranberry, jasmine and licorice.

In particular, Enea will deal with the chemical characterization of species and bioactive molecules, through metabolomic analyzes, but also with the development of cellular and soilless cultures of kencur, ginger, cress, perilla, basil and tomato plants.

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