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Africa: Mo Ibrahim Foundation highlights correlation between data and good governance

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The Mo Ibrahim Foundation has called on African governments to invest in data to help reap the economic development benefits of their various countries. This is learned from an official statement on the sidelines of the presentation of the 2023 Ibrahim index of African governance (Iiag), entitled “The power of data for governance: closing data gaps to accelerate Africa’s transformation”.

The report was presented in Accra, Ghana.

The Foundation says research has shown that one dollar invested in data has had a return of $32 in economic benefits and explains that public sector data is information generated and collected by public sector bodies and organisations, such as government departments, authorities premises, police forces, health services and schools, and for this reason they must be made available to everyone. Data plays a vital role in informing strategy and decision-making, helps establish baselines, benchmarks and targets, enabling governments to monitor and evaluate policies and commitments, and enables governments to improve the design, delivery and effectiveness of public services.

Data is essential to ensure that government policies take into account the most vulnerable groups and individuals, leaving no one behind. In this sense, the Foundation’s report highlights the strong correlation between high-quality data and effective governance.

Mo Ibrahim Foundation research director Camilla Rocca said in a statement that Africa remains the continent most affected by data gaps, the region having the lowest availability of civil registrations and vital statistics. [Da Redazione InfoAfrica]

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