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Africa: Pan-African Confederation of eSports created

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E-sports is not just a pastime, but a truly future-oriented market. This is demonstrated by the creation of a Pan-African eSports Confederation, centered on competitive and professional level video game competitions and the supply chain that surrounds them.

The birth of the continental body was sanctioned by a founding Assembly organized on Monday in Senegal by the National Committee for the Promotion of E-Sports (Conapes), under the aegis of the Ministry of Sports and the ministry responsible for the Senegalese digital economy, according to Africa24.

The new pan-African confederation will have the mission to prepare the continent’s youth for the growth of digital, cultural, creative and physical economies, in order to position Africa among the essential leaders of this large global community of electronic games and immersive sports. By bringing together national e-sports federations from more than 42 African countries, the Confederation aims to strengthen the visibility of e-sports on the continent and encourage the competitiveness of African players on an international scale.

In Africa there are more than 600 million players who generate a turnover of around 1.2 billion euros in the sector, according to data from the Senegalese Ministry of Economy. Jacque Mansour Sagna, president of Conapes, believes that by 2050 the African continent will be teeming with more than almost 1 billion gamers. According to the president of Conapes, the objective of the Pan-African Confederation is to show young people that there are many career and business opportunities linked to e-sports and that this activity can be an important tool in the fight against unemployment. Beyond passion, eSports create value and can be used as an inclusive development tool for young Africans

Another important aspect of the Pan African Esports Confederation’s mission is to promote partnerships with other relevant sports sectors, such as basketball, to make this activity an accessible opportunity for young Africans.

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In the coming months, the Pan-African Esports Confederation will work to implement its goals and realize its vision, ensuring the discipline in Africa thrives and is recognized for its true value. [Da Redazione InfoAfrica]

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