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Africa: The Confindustria Entrepreneur talks about the continent of great opportunities

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“Knowing the country first hand, having an upstream vision”. This is the suggestion of Iacopo Meghini, CEO of the Treviso-based Metalmont, while for Robertino Vissani, at the helm of the Marche-based Villa Spada, “all of Africa is a place of great challenges but also of great opportunities”. These are the impressions of two entrepreneurs who today operate successfully in Ivory Coast and who told their story to L’Imprenditore, the Confindustria magazine dedicated to SMEs.

“We have been working in Africa for a few years – says Vissani – work on the continent is growing and so far we have had access to the projects we have carried out thanks to our consolidated international network of business relations. The Hospitality project we are following in Ivory Coast, in Abidjan, is quite large and concerns all the custom furnishings of a Novotel and an Adagio Apartments complex, with a restaurant and various bars inside the structure. We have been working on this project for two years and are in the process of assembling the furniture on site.”

For Meghini, entry into a country like Côte d’Ivoire must be facilitated by a series of factors. “First of all – she says – we need to deal with those who have already been to these countries. Furthermore, it is very important, perhaps even during a fair or an event, to go there and get to know the country firsthand. The third piece of advice is to have an upstream vision, which goes beyond simply wanting to open a market or increase sales, a real motivation that helps to overcome difficulties”.

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Finally, according to Meghini, it is “very important to deal with all the realities of the Italian System on site, as well as to proceed with an attitude of humility and extreme fairness towards local counterparts”. [Da Redazione InfoAfrica]

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