Home Business Afternoon review: Shanghai stock index fluctuated within a narrow range, slightly down, semiconductor medicine and other sectors strengthened and the concept of pensions was active

Afternoon review: Shanghai stock index fluctuated within a narrow range, slightly down, semiconductor medicine and other sectors strengthened and the concept of pensions was active

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Early trading on the 25th,Shanghai IndexMaintain the downward trend of weak shocks, Shenzhen Component Index,Growth Enterprise Market IndexIt also weakened, but the ChiNext index stopped falling and rebounded near midday, turning red at one point; most of the two markets were strong, and the pharmaceutical,semiconductorSectors such as, power and other sectors were among the top gainers, and sectors such as coal, steel, wine making, and oil weakened; UHV, pension concepts, and NMN concepts were active, while the meta-universe concept declined.

As of the midday close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.1% to 3,589.18 points, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.24%, and the ChiNext Index fell slightly 0.01%; the total turnover of the two markets was 695.7 billion yuan, and the net outflow of northbound funds was 36.87 million yuan.

Regarding the recent market trends, GuoshengSecuritiesIt was pointed out that the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index went out of four consecutive positives and fell back at the 3,600-point mark in the intraday session on Wednesday. The chip-intensive area above still needs to be digested. Although the index has not risen much, yes, there are still more than 90 stocks in the two cities. There are nearly 20 varieties with a 20% limit. The number of stocks on the board has risen to 8 boards. This is relatively rare in the near future. The current market risk appetite is very strong. Ebb and flow between the other, the mood atmosphere is better. Although the trading volume continues to exceed one trillion, the market growth is limited and it is difficult to launch a full-scale attack. The index is facing a pressure zone, carefully control the position and pay attention to the trading volume situation.

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Operationally, new energy, photovoltaic,car parts, Military, electronics, meta-universe, consumer, agriculture and other sectors are ebb and flow. Although the trading volume has remained above one trillion for 24 consecutive days, the market growth is limited. Each sector rotates, making it difficult to launch a full-scale offensive. Grinding table finishing needs.You can pay attention to the short-term hot market opportunities in the Yuan universe and rare earth permanent magnet stocks, and the third quarterly reportPerformanceFor the bettersemiconductor, Aviation and military industry,BatteryThe equipment sector prepares for the annual report expectations.

(Article Source:SecuritiesTimes Network)

Article source: Securities Times

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Original title: Afternoon Comment: The Shanghai Stock Index fluctuated within a narrow range, and the semiconductor medicine and other sectors were strong, and the concept of elderly care was active

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