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Agnelli legacy, the missing paintings are worth 2 billion. There’s an 80 million Picasso

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Agnelli legacy, the missing paintings are worth 2 billion.  There’s an 80 million Picasso

Gianni Agnelli and the paintings The Pond of Water Lilies (1899) by Claude Monet and Woman Weeping by Pablo Picasso (1937)

Agnelli legacy, the underestimation of the works behind the “disappearance”? Here’s what’s happening

Behind the disappearance of 400 works of art belonging to the Lawyer Gianni Agnelli there would be the same question of inheritancethe clash that has lasted for decades between Margherita and his children and grandchildren. The feud Elkann-Agnelli has thus been enriched with a new chapter full of mysteries: where did the paintings that were kept in vaults end up Swiss? Who took possession of those 400 works that are they worth a treasure? Questions still unanswered and others could be added to these. For example, it is not explained – we read in the preview of the investigation on Panorama – why the Ministry of Culture and the police should not intervene in the matter protect an artistic asset of national interest. The matter would be even more complicated than it already is due to the underestimated valuation.

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According to what has been reconstructed – continues Panorama – the value of the works would have been underestimated by the expert evaluators called by the heirs. In fact, the heritage in works of art would have been quantified at 213 million but the real value would be ten times higher and according to some estimates it would even exceed i 2 billion. In that collection there are in fact paintings by Klimt, Monet and Picasso. Only one work by the latter alone it would be worth 80 million. So there could be unreliability of this evaluation behind the “disappearance”. Someone must have smelled the deal, the fact is that this artistic heritage has disappeared into thin air. Time passes and the discovery becomes more and more complicated, one more opportunity for make mutual accusations between the two parties competing for the inheritance.

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