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Agnelli, the John-Margherita meeting is off: “But if you bring your lawyers…”

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Agnelli, the John-Margherita meeting is off: “But if you bring your lawyers…”

Agnelli legacy, the “trap” of the clarifying meeting. So the mother-children summit was cancelled

On the feud of the Lambs a new, unpublished detail emerges, a clarification meeting missed at the last moment, the long-awaited face-to-face that would put an end to it forever contention per the legacy of the Lawyer. He had been everything planned to detail – we read in La Verità – Margherita and his son John Elkann they were supposed to meet on June 17, 2019, after almost ten years in which they didn’t speak to each other. It was the pact resulting from a family chat following the death of grandmother Marella. The summit was supposed to take place in Allaman in Switzerland. Margherita writes thus: “Dear Jaki – La Verità reports it – I can also confirm for you and your brothers and sisters the date of June 17th. I embrace you all and I thank you for this opportunity to meet us all. Your mother”. Three little hearts also follow in the message. John asks for details: “Nice to see you, if you let us know if you would prefer us to come there morning plus lunch or afternoon that would be fantastic.” He also adds a final heart.

It all seemed donebut John – reports La Verità – always cautious and strongly influenced by his wife who wants “war at all costs” against her mother-in-law, he had suspected that a phrase from his mother addressed to everyone could hide a “trap”. John at that point uses “bureaucratic” jargon and becomes defensive. “The most partisan events today entrusted to the technicians and which concern the succession of the grandfather, the grandmother and yours, may be calmly addressed in the future from anyone who wants it”. So everything falls apart. Margherita writes: “I would like to discuss it in the presence of my lawyers“. John replies: “Then I’ll bring the lawyers too.” From then on no one trusts the other anymore and everything definitely blows up.

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