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AI in the workplace promotes creativity – but it has a disadvantage

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AI in the workplace promotes creativity – but it has a disadvantage

Generative AI will change your workplace. Frank Rumpenhorst/picture alliance via Getty Images

Artificial intelligence is disrupting the world of work with systems like Chat GPT and Gemini.

A study has found that people distrust AI for the wrong reasons, while trusting it in tasks where it might make mistakes.

AI increases performance in creative tasks but performs poorly in problem-solving, the study found.

This is a machine translation of an article from our US colleagues at Business Insider. It was automatically translated and checked by a real editor.

Artificial intelligence will soon change your workplace. The rapidly developing technology has already begun to change everyday working life. Leaders of the AI ​​revolution have made it clear how they plan to integrate systems like Chat GPT and Gemini into normal workflows.

Many employees are skeptical about the upcoming AI transition. But a recent study has shown that people have artificial intelligence from the wrong Reasons to distrust. However, for tasks where the AI ​​is more prone to errors, they often rely on the technology.

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The study from September 2023 entitled “How People Can Create – and Destroy – Value with Generative AI“ (i.e., “How humans can create—and destroy—value with generative AI) was led by François Candelon, a managing director and senior partner at consulting firm Boston Consulting Group.

The study’s findings are back in the news this week after Candelon spoke about generative AI in the workplace on The Wall Street Journal’s Executive Insights Podcast. The Managing Director worked with talent from top universities such as MIT, Wharton, Harvard Business School and the University of Warwick. He used his consulting company’s own employees for the experiment. As he told the Wall Street Journal, he was inspired by his desire to find out how humans and AI can work together to help companies.

The more than 750 study participants were given real tasks, including tasks on “creative product innovation”. Participants were instructed to use the OpenAI tool GPT-4. These should help them with tasks such as presenting concepts to their boss, developing questions for focus groups and executing a successful launch on social media, Candelon says.

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Artificial intelligence helps you think more creatively

The study found that participants who used AI performed significantly better on creative product innovation tasks than those who worked without it. About 90 percent of participants improved their performance when they used AI for tasks related to ideation and content creation. According to the study, participants achieved a 40 percent higher level of performance than those who did not use the GPT-4.

Participants benefited most when they did not try to change or improve the technology‘s suggestions. But if they accepted GPT-4’s suggestions as they were, that’s the result of the study. But there are still some tasks where humans have an advantage. Human problem-solving skills far exceed the help provided by AI, Candelon said.

It should not be used to solve problems

The study also shows that generative AI actually led several participants to accept misleading results from GPT. Even if they had been informed of the possibility of wrong answers. Participants who used AI for problem-solving tasks performed 23 percent worse than those who didn’t use the tool at all.

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The “double-edged sword” of generative AI, with its “relatively uniform output,” can also reduce a group’s diversity of thought by 41 percent, the study found. However, Candelon emphasized to the Wall Street Journal that AI is extremely powerful and ultimately inevitable.

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“There is this famous quote that says humans will not be replaced by AI. They will be replaced by humans using AI,†he said. The study shows that data is becoming even more important in the workplace through generative AI. It will force people to rethink their work processes and find places for humans and AI to work together.

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