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Aicube 4.0: the collaboration between the VéGé Group and Carrefour Italia ends

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Aicube 4.0: the collaboration between the VéGé Group and Carrefour Italia ends

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The partnership between the two chains in the super purchasing center ends at the end of the year, but future collaborations are not excluded

by Enrico Netti

The collaboration between the VéGé Group and Carrefour Italia within the purchasing center Aicube 4.0, acronym of Association of independent international companies 4.0, founded in 2019, lasted three years. The two chains decided to terminate the partnership at the end of 2023, respecting the agreement undersigned that did not provide for early withdrawal. Existing commitments, already entered into with brand industry partners, and any agreements still being finalized will be maintained until the end of the year. Furthermore, the collaboration with the brand industry regarding trends and data on consumption will remain unchanged, in order to further direct growth in synergy. «A soft separation because the two chains could find other ways of collaborating with a view to greater effectiveness» reads a joint note.

«The partnership established with Carrefour in the creation of Aicube 4.0 was an experience to be proud of – explains Giovanni Arena, President of the VéGé Group -. Together we have started a collaboration that has proven to be solid and profitable by making use of the best of the experiences acquired over the years in building a reality capable of bringing true innovation to modern distribution. The VéGé Group will continue its evolutionary path according to the dictates included in the VéGé 2030 Plan, focusing on strengthening its businesses, growth through acquisitions, strong digitization, consolidation of activities in the field of sustainability and marked innovation of formats”. For his part, Christophe Rabatel, CEO of Carrefour Italia adds: «We are happy to have made this journey together with the VéGé Group in recent years. It was a great opportunity to develop solid relationships with major partners and to collaborate successfully on one of the most ambitious projects in modern distribution. This experience is a demonstration of Carrefour’s full roots in Italy and we confirm our commitment in this sense: we will continue to work to create value together for all our partners, also thanks to the important synergies on which an international group like ours can count”. .

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