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Aid decree: for energy and bills towards an allocation of 14 billion

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Aid decree: for energy and bills towards an allocation of 14 billion

The new decree with aid to families and businesses that are facing the crisis in Ukraine and related increases. A figure that actually doubles what was leaked from Palazzo Chigi until the eve, and also what was reported in the morning by the unions who met Prime Minister Draghi.

It is the second provision on the table of the government, which first met in the morning to approve the extension of cuts in excise duties on fuels and then in the control room to polish the last aspects of a text that has been awaited for days. At the preparatory meeting, in addition to the Prime Minister Mario Draghithe ministers of the Economy Daniele participate Francoof the ecological transition Roberto Cingolaniof Agriculture Stefano Patuanelliof Lavoro Andrea Orlandoof the Mariastella Regional Affairs Gelminiof the Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgettiof Health Roberto Hope and Equal Opportunities Elena Bonetti.

Excise tax cut, government green light: the discount on fuels extends to 8 July. And it expands to methane

From photovoltaics to Superbonus, the expected measures

This second, more politically demanding measure includes aid for businesses and families. Here the menu concerns the renewal of interventions on bills, which should include a second extension to the Isee ceiling for the social bonus (to 14-15 thousand euros) and an extension of the tax credit for energy-intensive and gas-intensive companies. Still on the subject of energy, it is expected the streamlining of procedures for renewableswhile the construction sector awaits a new amendment to the rules on Superbonus al 110%: extension to September 30 (from June 30) of the deadline by which to carry out at least 30% of the work on the houses to take advantage of the maxi-tax incentive, and fewer stakes in the possibility of the banks to sell tax credits. While there are no great doubts about the half billion for assistance to Ukrainian refugees, one of the last elements put on the table in particular by the Democratic Party was a one-off bonus for workers: it was in a run-off with a mini cut to the tax wedge. For companies, about 3 billion are being prepared to adjust the price lists of construction sites to generalized increases and by the Mise a fund for the companies most directly affected in their business by the crisis in Ukraine (200 million).

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Landini: “6-7 billion insufficient, we need a shift”

Before the CDM, Mario Draghi met the trade unions at Palazzo Chigi. “The government has repeated to us that for now the reasoning they make is on an intervention level between 6 and 7 billion, we told them that we consider the figure insufficient. Now is the time for a shift,” said the leader of the CGIL Maurizio Landini at the end of the meeting. Numbers that then seem to be being overtaken by the government. Simle speech by the CISL leader, Luigi Sbarra: “We appreciated the government’s willingness to attend this meeting, in which two issues were discussed: how to support the economic emergency and how to make the confrontation structural”. But also for the CISL it is “an important but still insufficient allocation”. “We reiterated the need to intervene on wages, work and pensions and the cost of energy. The government has acknowledged our requests and shares them. In the decree it is preparing to make, it will take into account our proposals and requests”. Thus the general secretary of Uil, Pierpaolo Bombardieri, at the end of the meeting at Palazzo Chigi. “We will see the choices he will make.”

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