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Air Italy starts the procedure for 1,383 redundancies

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After the start of the liquidation and the stop of Air Italy, the Sardinian Qatari airline based in Olbia and Malpensa, starts the procedure for the collective dismissal of 1383 employees hired under permanent contracts and distributed between Olbia and Malpensa. The announcement was made yesterday afternoon, during a meeting between the company and the trade unions that started the mobilization and asked for a summons to the Mise. Reason for the redundancy, cessation of activity and expiry, in June, of the extraordinary redundancy fund.

The final phase of a dispute that began on 11 February 2020 with the liquidation due to losses. On March 3 of last year, the opening of the collective dismissal procedure, suspended by the legislative measures linked to the Covid 19 health emergency. Then the trade union agreement. And the redundancy fund from 1 September 2020 to 30 June 2021. In the meantime, the stop to the company activity and other activities related to the liquidation, including the sale of movable property.


Now, the start of the procedure for collective redundancies that the trade unions reject. “The liquidators of the company stop immediately, block the dismissals and call a meeting to activate the layoffs in derogation with the reason for Covid – write the national secretariats of Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Ugl Air transport -, instrument put available from the Italian welfare system to contain the effects of the dramatic crisis taking place in the country without entailing burdens for the company “.

Tools that, as Arnaldo Boeddu, Filt regional secretary also reiterates, “are using other companies, much larger than AirItaly”. For the trade unionist “it would be a paradoxical situation if the trade union parties managed to obtain a further extension of the current social safety net in the institutional offices, or to be able to take advantage of other support, but everything could vanish due to the company’s unwillingness”.

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Hoping for the commitment of all parties to “avoid social tragedies”, because “the end of the health emergency is still far away and there are 1383 people hanging by a thread”, Boeddu points out that: “If the company does not accept the trade union requests that will be formalized in the 120 days provided for by the procedure, the total uselessness of the agreements signed on active policies both here in Sardinia and in Lombardy would become evident ». Hence the request for a meeting with the Ministry of Economic Development to “identify industrial solutions capable of guaranteeing a future for Air Italy workers in support of the dispute and to directly represent the gravity and urgency of the situation in which the workers find themselves”. A general assembly of workers is scheduled for April 6 and a demonstration in front of Mise has been scheduled for April 14 to “denounce the unsustainable crisis for the sector which is having dramatic consequences on airlines”.

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