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Airtime enters the Tlc market for companies and launches Mexedia

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Making companies and organizations more performing and closer to the customer by using all communication channels. This is the mission of Mexedia, the new division of Airtime Partecipazioni Spa, a player active in fintech which completed the direct listing process in September and since 22 September has been listed in France on the Euronext Growth Paris list and since 27 October the share, which in the last few days it has even exceeded 75 euros, it is steadily above 50 euros, ten times the price of 4.82 euros.

The debut in business services

The company, which thus also enters the business services market, develops innovative technologies in the field of telecommunications and financial services and is present in the markets of Europe and the United States. Mexedia, in fact, offers innovative services that will allow companies to have a single platform to manage all communication activities with the customer. “Airtime Partecipazioni with the launch of Mexedia – explains CEO Orlando Taddeo – enters the market for services to companies with an investment of more than fifty million euros over the next two years. It is a market with great potential that is worth more than six billion dollars for the customer care and e-commerce sectors alone. Over the next few months, Airtime will evolve into a platform that will integrate all communication systems thanks to constant investments in innovation that we are implementing ».

Taddeo’s commitment to the B20

Today Airtime thus enriches its range of services and continues its growth. «2021 was an important year, and as will emerge from the financial data, which we will present to the market in April, we will have a significant increase in turnover and margins. And the launch of Mexedia – explains Taddeo – is a further piece of our strategy ». Taddeo, a serial entrepreneur, for 30 years a leading player in companies in the innovation and telecommunications market, since December has also joined the B20 Trade & Investment task force (www.b20indonesia2022.org), the global business community of the official G20 forum which took place in 2021 in Italy under the leadership of Confindustria chaired by Emma Marcegaglia and which in 2022 will be held in Indonesia.

Two technologies at the service of businesses

«Mexedia – explains Taddeo – is an online platform that offers companies services with CPaaS and CCaaS technology. The first, Communication Platform as a Service, for cloud management of a rich set of APIs. The second, Contact Center as a Service, a real modular distribution model of contact center management software, to equip companies with a system that is already functional and ready to use. With our services and a proprietary platform we facilitate interaction with customers thanks to personalized messages and targeted and effective communication ».

The USA 2023 project

In December 2021, the company also announced the launch of the “USA 2023 Plan” created with the aim of strengthening its presence throughout the United States over the next twenty-four months and the joint venture with Phonetime and Matchcom, which have been active for over 20 years in the voice and SMS traffic market with over 450 customers all over the world. «We live – concludes Taddeo – in a historical moment in which the volumes of traffic in telecommunications have grown enormously. With our Airtime Exchange platform we have created an ecosystem that brings together operators from all over the world. They buy and sell voice and sms termination services through innovative technologies that allow real-time transactions with the highest security standards. With the development of integrated financial systems, we offer real-time payment methods that have completely eliminated credit risk. Today with Mexidia the benefits offered by the platform will be available to all businesses and organizations ».

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