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Aiways relies on Koelliker for marketing in Italy

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ROME (ITALPRESS) – Aiways, a provider of personal mobility services based in Shanghai, has started a collaboration with the Koelliker Group with the aim of developing sales opportunities in the Italian automotive market. Italian buyers of electric vehicles will be able to order Aiways U5, already on sale in five European countries, from the Koelliker Group dealership network later this year. Alex Klose, Aiways executive vice president of Overseas Operations, commented: “The Italian market has been on our radar for some time and we are now pleased to partner with a company that can boast Koelliker’s experience in this area. our product and the Koelliker distribution will allow us to make the Aiways brand appreciated by the Italian public interested in electric vehicles “. Luca Ronconi, CEO of the Koelliker Group, commented: “There is enormous potential for a high quality and innovative electric SUV in the Italian market and Aiways U5 is the perfect contender. We have many years of experience in selling foreign vehicles to buyers. Italians and now is the right time to introduce it “. Since May 2020, Aiways has exported over 2,500 Aiways U5 models and has become the first Chinese electric vehicle startup to sell cars in Europe. During the Milan Monza Auto Show, the Koelliker Group will exhibit two Aiways U5 models and Italian visitors will have the opportunity to try the car themselves. (ITALPRESS). ads / com 09-Jun-21 16:59

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