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Aldo Moro “victim of terrorism 20 years later”. The daughter: “Thank you Meloni”

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Aldo Moro “victim of terrorism 20 years later”.  The daughter: “Thank you Meloni”

The daughter: by Aldo Moro: “Thanks Meloni, finally my father is like the other victims of terrorism”

“My son and I express boundless gratitude to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni for this unexpected gift”. To tell breaking latest news it is Maria Fida Moro, eldest daughter Aldo Moro. “Today 17 March – he explains – the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni informed me that the Chamber of Deputies has moved actively for the application of law 206 of 2004 in favor of Aldo Moro. Law of which I have requested the application for almost twenty years on and I had lost hope.”

Just in an interview with breaking latest news last March 15, Maria Fida Moro had explained how the Victims of Terrorism Act had still remained unapplied for the president of the Christian Democrats kidnapped and killed by the Red Brigades after 55 days of captivity. To date, the Chamber of Deputies has not recognized the economic benefits of law 206 to her and her son Luca Moro.

“For years I was told that the annuity was not a pension and, therefore, the law was not applicable – recalls Aldo Moro’s daughter – forgetting, however, that the Constitutional Court has sanctioned with a sentence that the annuity is equal to the pension, because Irpef is paid”. Maria Fida Moro defines the communication received today as an “Easter miracle that reassures Luca – the little nephew mentioned several times by Aldo Moro in his letters from prison – that his grandfather is finally equated to the other victims and there is no longer an unfair inequality hurt us further.”

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Moro’s eldest daughter does not give up removing a few pebbles from her shoe. “I add for the record, and also because I am pleased to do so, that a woman was needed in charge. Where dozens of men remained “dazed” to watch, only one young woman made it to the destination. Miracles exist but this miracle special has filled us with joy”.

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