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Alfa Romeo Junior, the market positioning and the 5 competitors of the Biscione B-suv

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Alfa Romeo Junior, the market positioning and the 5 competitors of the Biscione B-suv

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The day after the controversial name change from Milano to Junior, the Alfa Romeo baby SUV is now ready for the challenge of the market. The first launch versions, the Speciali, can already be ordered, while the rest of the range will be available during the month of June. Being one of the most anticipated cars of the year and also the first battery-powered AlfaRomeo, the Junior’s expectations are really important also considering the numerous innovations introduced by the model.

Alfa Romeo Junior (ex Milano), all official photos

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The dimensions and style of the Alfa Romeo Junior

4.17 meters long, 1.78 meters wide and 1.50 meters high, the Biscione B-suv fits into the premium range of a type of model that is constantly growing. The pluses offered by the Junior are first of all the style as it recovers and evolves some typical elements of the brand, starting with the elaborate front trefoil. To which is added the inevitable light strip of many electric cars or the rear window that is more inclined than usual as well as typical of coupes.

The interior integrated with artificial intelligence

The interior of the Junior features the classic telescope-type digital instrumentation, with a 10.25-inch monitor plus infotainment of the same size, but oriented towards the driver. The software has an interface based on widgets and integrates the voice assistant, which can be activated with the Hey Alfa command, but above all the ChatGPT, the digital intelligence to manage some commands like a real co-pilot. Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems are also available.

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There are two engines, 100% electric or hybrid

They were what was expected, but with some distinctions that can make the difference. The Alfa Junior offers the 136 hp hybrid powertrain combined with front or all-wheel drive even in 100% electric mode albeit for a few kilometers in addition to the 156 hp of the electric variant with 410 km of autonomy. To recharge the car, you can connect to DC charging stations with up to 100 kW of power to go from 10 to 80% in less than 30 minutes.

Prices of the Junior in the Special trim level

The two versions that can be ordered are the launch ones, the Speciale. Prices are 31,900 euros for the hybrid and 41,500 euros for the electric with the possibility of purchasing in installments for 200 euros per month for both powertrains. Other versions will arrive later with prices of 29,900 and 39,900 euros. It should be underlined that all the announced list prices fall within the 2024 car incentive tables announced some time ago, but which should start in mid-May.

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